Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board Review

Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board

Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board

Revolution Core 32 is a “made in USA” advanced and heavy duty balance board to improve your balance while giving you a great of freedom and flexibility to use your creativity to perform different tricks. It is suitable for intermediate or advanced level users, being inspired by wakeskating, skimboarding, and skateboarding and is known to be the only balance board on the market that will let you do kickflips, Shuvits, 360 flips + and more.

The roller and board weigh around 6 lbs, the roller is 4.5 inches high and the board measures 32 x 8.5 inches with the same thickness as a regular skateboard, but somewhat smaller than say an Indo Board. It is a very firm and sturdy board that will support heavy adults as well, has a very heavy-duty build to make it last a long time, with the very sturdy maple board and high-impacted rated composite roller. The roller will stay under the board with the innovative control function / weighted roll system, the landing will be heaps more consistent. But it works both ways, no matter what trick you do, the release off the roller will be very easy and grips tightly so there is no slippage. And it is nothing like those some of the other boards that let you do back and forth movements (they can really be a bit too simple), Revolution Core 32 lets you do a variety of tricks and progress with your skills as you practice more and more and you have total freedom and control at the same time.

Revolution Core 32 - Advanced Balance Board

Although it allows for a great variety of tricks, it is rather easy to use if you have previous experience in board riding, so it is more for intermediate and advanced users, but the beginners will also feel less fear when they are on this Revolution board. Thanks to the great “weighted roll system”, the roller will move very smoothly when the board is touching it but also stays in place when you’re riding it, so you can actually feel free to do lots of tricks as you’ll be able to land consistently, without making the balancing easier though- so there will be no cheating and will probably be more difficult than other boards at first but you will feel more confident overall.  It will help you improve your fitness, agility, and balance, strengthen and stabilise your joints and help build your abdominal, leg and ankle muscles. This is a very high-quality product with superior and innovative design, functionality, and flexibility at a competitive price and is usually shipped very quickly via

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