RUNOW Oak Water Rowing Machine Rower with LCD Monitor Review

RUNOW Oak Water Rowing Machine

RUNOW Water Rower

RUNOW Water Rower is a red walnut color, oak water rowing machine with an LCD display and a conveniently foldable design for indoor use. You can get a decent cardiovascular workout that involves pretty much your whole body in the comfort of your own home.

Runow Water Rower has a single 5 star rating as a brand new release (December 24, 2020) high end oak fitness equipment. It uses water in the polycarbonate tank at the front with a 5.28 gallon capacity for resistance and how much you fill the tank and how hard you pull the handlebar will determine your level of resistance. This water tank is resistant to high temperature and corrosion.

It has a fast foldable, space saving design and a compact footprint, weighs 83 pounds and measures 82.7 x 22 x 21 inches as unfolded and 22 x 20 inches as folded. The total maximum user weight capacity is specified as 320 pounds on its solid oak frame. Please note that the color is red walnut and the frame material is real oak. The great quality robust oak double rails used on this rowing machine is resistant to corrosion and includes a nicely padded soft and comfortable seat with an ergonomic design.

Rowing is one of the best type of cardiovascular / aerobics workouts out there as it lets you train up to 85% of the muscles in your body. You burn more calories and fat than walking or jogging on a treadmill or cycling. It will probably make you feel better both physically and mentally. The rower offers a low impact type of workout without placing much burden on your joints. It works quietly with the only noise you hear being the sound of water, giving you a rather realistic experience and pleasure of boating in real water. And you won’t disturb your neighbors or family.

It helps increase metabolic consumption, improves intermuscular coordination and enhances vitality in your muscles. You use your biceps, triceps, shoulders, abdominals, large gluteus maximus, quadriceps, knees, leg muscles and back when you’re rowing. It comes with the telescoping pedals with the straps that you can adjust for different sizes of feet. The pedal height is also adjustable to enhance your comfort level. You have the anti-slip foot pads underneath that will keep the rower stable during your workout session and will not damage your floors. You do not need to plug it into a power outlet and so you have the flexibility to wherever you wish to put it.

RUNOW Water Rowing Machine Rower

There is an LCD monitor that shows you the time exercised, count- strokes, total count, calories burned, time exercised, rpm, scan that moves the monitor between each of these indicators and you will stay on track to reach your fitness target faster. There is also a mobile phone holder for your entertainment. You can fold it and move it easily on its transportation wheels, keep it in your living room in a corner or move it somewhere else. Rowing is a type of workout that is commonly enjoyed by both men and women of all ages, so it is not something women will not feel comfortable with like some other forms of exercise.

Seniors with mobility issues will also be fine on it due the ease of mounting and dismounting and the low impact nature. You will see the water splashing clearly through the transparent water tank in front of you. The seat sits on a double track and 8-axis pulleys to match the track properly. The oak wood on this rower is quite hard with a smooth surface and offers safety and stability and releasing no bad odors. The handles with the ergonomic internal flex design offer a soft grip, are anti-slip, abrasion and sweat resistant. It looks very nice with a premium feel and appearance, is quite sturdy and durable, works smoothly and quietly with plenty of resistance, is easy to assemble and offers good value for the dollar.

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