Schwinn 100425 Airdyne AD2 Upright Bike with Deco Gear 7-Piece Home Gym Kit Review

Schwinn 100425 Airdyne AD2 Upright Exercise Bike

Schwinn 100425 Airdyne AD2

Schwinn 100425 Airdyne AD2 is an upright exercise bike that comes with the Deco Gear of 7 pieces of workout kit and cooling gym towel. It has the air resistance mechanism and the great air flow from the patent pending fan with the BioFit Comfort that gives you a nice breeze and keeps you cool during your workout session.

The bike weighs 97 pounds, has a robust and durable frame that can carry a maximum total user weight of 250 pounds and measures 46 x 25 x 50 inches. The foot rest pegs let you exercise your upper body muscles as well. With the synchronized arm and leg motion where you move the pedals and the arm handles simultaneously in a natural way, simulating the natural human movement, you get to train your whole body. It has an adjustable saddle with different settings for accommodating users of different heights.

The Airdyne AD2 Bike has an LCD display that shows the standard indicators of time exercised, calories burned, distance traveled, current speed and rpms. But each of these indicators are set to be shown for five seconds each, one by one and we don’t think you are able to lock it to show one of them constantly. You can get a full body workout that targets your lower body, upper body and core section, for burning calories and fat, losing weight and achieve and maintain overall fitness. The seat has the extra padding, is correct anatomically and has an ergonomic design.

There is no water bottle holder on this model like the AD6 or AD8 models. The bike doesn’t have a foldable design but you can move it on its transportation wheels for easy storage. You’ll get the benefits of wind resistance for a low and upper body resistance workout. It is robust and durable and has a streamlined design, is comfortable and has the user-friendly functions. The fan displaces the air effectively for unlimited amount of resistance. Airdyne AD2 is actually the most affordable Airdyne bike on the market.  Please note that the AD2i model is for 220V countries and the AD2 is for 110V countries.

Schwinn 100425 Airdyne AD2 Upright Bike

Schwinn is a brand of Nautilus Inc. just like Nautilus, Bowflex and Modern Movement. It offers home users a reliable and affordable experience and as long as you take good care of a Schwinn bike you should get many long years of use out of it. The Airdyne AD2 is sold by the Schwinn Authorised Dealer on Amazon and comes with a full Schwinn warranty that is valid in the US. Please note that these bikes are designed for home use and using it in a commercial gym setting will void the warranty of the product.

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