Snode 8722 FIR Indoor Spin Bike Review

Snode 8722 FIR Indoor Spin Bike

SNODE 8722 Indoor Cycling Spin Bike

SNODE 8722 FIR is a 2019 model modern indoor belt driven stationary spin bike with a 30 lb flywheel, magnetic resistance, LCD display for a decent daily cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your home.

This great new sturdy and durable bike is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by 10 customers. And you have the option to get the silver 8729 Power One model that we reviewed earlier, but there is a bit of a price difference between the two at the time of this product review. The 30-pound decent size flywheel will get the max stability inertia forcing momentum in your legs.

It actually feels like riding outdoors with the great quality flywheel. You can adjust the magnetic resistance via the tension knob in the center. The way it works is as you adjust the dial or increase and decrease the resistance, the magnets move closer or away from the flywheel. This magnetic resistance bike needs almost no maintenance and you will enjoy a smooth and quiet ride during your exercise session. It has a robust double orbit rail base frame and a maximum total user weight capacity of 287 pounds.

Snode 8722 is a heavy duty bike that measures 45 x 20 x 45 inches, but includes the transport wheels for easy relocation and storage. You don’t need to do any heavy lifting or put strain on your muscles or joints. The smart digital display panel shows the standard indicators of calories, distance, speed, time, odometer and pulse through the handle sensors that are positioned ergonomically. There is a convenient tablet holder for you to put your smartphone or tablet for entertainment purposes or following workout videos. I find that I can exercise a lot longer when I ‘m watching videos or listening to music.

SNODE 8722 Indoor Spin Bike

The handlebars can be adjusted up and down and the leather padded seat up and down (vertically), and forward and back (horizontally). Very tall people that are 6’3″ or so can use it comfortably with these adjustments. But if you’re very short, you may have to climb on it a little. Your feet will stay put and in place with the adjustable toe cages on the anti-slip foot pedals. You also have a water bottle holder and you don’t have to mount and dismount during your session.

Snode FIR is nice to look at with its modern appearance, has an ergonomic design, rides smoothly and quietly, is built sturdy and durable, has magnetic resistance that can be changed quickly, stays stable and does not wobble in different postures. There is a soft elbow pad for protecting your elbows in different postures. You can assemble it with the tools provided in the box, without needing any other tools. It will give you a great spin workout in the comfort of your home. We don’t hesitate to recommend this bike and you will get great customer support if you need it as they get back to your within 48 hours.

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