Soozier 10 Position Adjustable Weight Bench Review

Soozier 10 Position Adjustable Weight Bench 


Red and black Soozier FID weight bench can be adjusted to ten positions and used as incline, flat and decline for a great resistance / strength training workout. By 10 positions, we mean 4 seat positions and 6 back positions (7 including the decline position) and can be used with dumbbells or barbells and in combination with other weight training equipment. You will feel decent support on the comfortably soft yet solid cushions. It looks good in bright red and with black thick cushions, weighs 68 pounds as a solid heavy duty bench that can carry a total load of up to 440 pounds, and measures 54L x 22W x (18.5 – 50H) inches. It has a standard size and will not take up a lot of your home gym area, and you can relocate it easily with the rear transport wheels provided when you’re done with your daily session. It includes the padded floor protector caps underneath so the metal bits will not scuff your floor and there won’t be any slipping during your workout. It is easy to do the decline as you simply move the ladder part to the back and let the backrest go all the way to the back- the solid rubber nub will hold it and it will be set to the vertical 90-degree position. 


Judging by the welds and the general build quality, Soozier bench is quite firm and feels very stable, solid and sturdy with a 440lbs total weight capacity so you will feel safe on it when you do your weight lifting. It is good for shorter and taller people as a very tall or a very short person will feel comfy working on it. You will get it in a proper packaging and like in the case of a lot of these fitness training units, the user manual with information on the assembly is not great (what you actually have is just a detailed diagram). You will need to use some common sense as it is pretty self-explanatory, and better if you have someone helping you out during the assembly, and even without help, it shouldn’t take you long to put together if you use two adjustable wrenches or a socket wrench. You get what you pay for with this Soozier bench and although there are better quality benches in the market that cost much more, this one offers pretty decent value for those on a budget. You can use it for a variety of exercises with weights for your upper body and abdominal – core section. Warranty by the manufacturer is limited 90 days if anything happens you can ask for assistance- repairs etc. and the service experience of existing customers is positive, judging by the reviews online.

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