Sunny Health & Fitness T7613 Easy Assembly Motorized Folding Treadmill Review

Sunny Health & Fitness T7613 Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness T7613

Sunny Health & Fitness T7613 is a recent release compact motorized treadmill with a 1.0 horsepower peak DC motor (110V/60Hz) and a foldable design. It gives you an exercise area of 39.5 x 14 inches on its running belt and comes with a built-in shock absorption system. You can walk or jog at speeds between 0.5 mph to 6.5 mph.

Folding design is very convenient as the unit can be folded easily once you’re done with your daily session. And it can be rolled conveniently on its transport wheels, whether you want to keep it in a good corner of your house. You have a handy easy to read LCD display panel with the speed, distance, calories, time and scan indicators, twelve integrated interval programs as well as the countdown start and pause functions. But there are no heart rate indicators and no pulse rate sensors on the handles or anywhere on the treadmill.

Sunny Health & Fitness T7613 folding treadmill

Sunny T7613 weighs 68.5 pounds and measures 52.5 x 26 x 47 inches, has a fairly small footprint so you can set it up easily in your bedroom or living room. It requires some assembly and is easy to put together. The convenient shock absorption system ensures this is a lower impact type of workout and your joints are not affected badly.

In the case of an emergency, you can simply pull the red cord in front of you when you can not get to the stop button on the panel. This is a budget priced motorized treadmill and the maximum user weight capacity of 200 pounds is not a lot. And please note that it is designed for home use and not for use at gyms as it will not withstand the daily use by several people.

We have reviewed quite a few of the LA, California-based Sunny Health and Fitness products so far as they are good quality and functional at lower prices for what they are. And we’ve actually received pretty good feedback from customers that have purchased them. The company is one of the greatest distributors of health and fitness equipment and has solid connections with the top manufacturers in Taiwan and China. And this is how you’re getting such competitive prices for such good quality products. Sunny Health & Fitness T7613 is also a good value treadmill and you’ll get an impressive three-year warranty by the company as a proof of what this product is really like.

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