Xspec CRS704 Dual Recumbent Upright Exercise Bike Review

Xspec CRS704 Recumbent Upright Bike

Xspec Dual Recumbent Upright Indoor Bike

The latest release Xspec CRS704 is an exercise bike with a conveniently foldable design and offers dual action as it can be used as both a recumbent bike and upright bike to help you achieve better workout results. It goes from recumbent to upright and vice versa by simply pulling a lever.

You’ll find two options on the Amazon product page: You may either get this recumbent / upright versatile design bike or just the upright bike alone at a little cheaper price. If you choose to purchase the recumbent upright bike, you will be targeting different muscles of your body and get more out of your daily exercise sessions.

The adjustable and ergonomic seat is the first thing we noticed on this new model, as it is pretty big and comfy. And it looks like it could accommodate people of any sizes and height, being adjustable as well. The maximum user weight it can carry is 220 pounds on its sturdy steel frame, and this is quite all right for a folding design versatile dual action bike. You may easily fold the bike and move it for storing under your bed or in a closet as it becomes just 16 inches wide, but we can not see any wheels underneath the unit to easily roll it away.

Xspec CRS704 weighs 47 pounds with the measurements of 36 x 23 x 44 inches and requires simple assembly. You’ll see the large resistance knob in the middle for a total of 8 levels of challenge- tension levels, to adjust it to how much you can handle or how much you want to push on the day. If you’re trying to lose weight by burning extra calories and fat each day, Xspec should make things easier for you. You will have direct and easy access at home, before you go to work or after you come home or during the day if you’re staying at or working from home.

Xspec Dual Recumbent Upright Bike

It is also good for being used in an office or dorm environment as it runs very quietly, but not suitable for gyms as it is not really a commercial grade bike that can withstand heavy use by many people throughout the day. The pedals are a good size and include foot straps so your feet stay put and safe- will not slip during your exercise. There is also an LCD display with calories, time, distance, speed and ODOmeter indicators to help you track your progress.

In the recumbent position you will be targeting the hams, quads, glutes and tibialis anterior muscles without any pressure on your lower back with also easier mounting and dismounting. And in the upright position, you will also target your abs and hip flexors without any major impact on your joints. So it is quite nice to have the flexibility and convenience offered by this dual action bike. Please note that you will have a problem using this bike if you are shorter than 5’1” and you may want to have a look at the alternatives with easier adjustments on Amazon.com. The backrest may also be a little low for some people, but for the low price point concerned you’re getting pretty decent value for money.

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