SURSPORT Foot Pedal Exerciser Mini Under Desk Elliptical Trainer Review

SURSPORT Foot Pedal Exerciser Mini Under Desk Elliptical

sursport under desk elliptical

SURSPORT Foot Pedal Exerciser is a mini under desk elliptical training machine with the magnetic resistance, belt drive, anti-slip pedals, LCD-backli digital monitor for a smooth and quiet exercise in the comfort of your home. It is rated an average of 5 out of 5 stars by 14 users at the time of this post release.

The date it was first available at is April 13, 2021 and is currently ranked ast the 51st best selling elliptical trainer on the website. This compact under desk elliptical trainer gives you an effective low impact workout without putting much burden on your joints. It alows you to rehab or work out when you’re sitting at home or in the office. You can use it for exercising at home or in the office with as little impact as possible on your joints. It is good for use by people of all ages- younger, middle aged or older and at different fitness levels from beginner to advanced.

This upgraded compact and portable under desk bike has an embedded flywheel, magnetic resisyance and belt drive mechanism. And you can have a smooth and quiet workout at all times without disturbing yourself or others. With its compact and portable design and an ergonomic handle you can take it wherever you go easily. The upgraded roller metal backing plate helps avoid any scratches or damage to your floors when you’re working out. It is easy to assemble in just 15 minutes or so and you can start exercising pretty much straight away.

You can adjust the 8 resistance levels and increase or decrease it depending on your needs and you get an effective under desk workout. There is a small LCD-backlit display that lets you keep track of your workout progress by letting you view the workout stats like the distance traveled, calories burned, current speed, RPM and ODOmeter. The pedals have asursport under desk elliptical foot pedal portable textured anti-slip surface for offering you a comfortable and safe workout. The non-slip foot pads keep this elliptical trainer stay put in place and not move.

It is great for those people with sedentary lifestyles or that have to sit at a table all day long. You should start feeling the burn on your thighs after a few minutes on this mini elliptical. And you can adjust the resistance when you want to have an easier or more challenging workout. It is a robust and durable, good quality elliptical trainer with metal used all over and has a premium look and feel. It is offered with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and you may contact them whenever you need assistance. We are more than happy to recomend it if you need a fitness machine to use when you’re sitting at the desk.

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