TDS Mega Safety Squat Bar – 1000 lb. Rated Review

TDS 1000 lbs Mega Safety Squat Bar 


The TDS Mega Safety Squat Bar is a very sturdy and heavy duty one that can carry up to 1000 pounds of total weight, which makes it ideal for those that are serious about powerlifting. You will get a pair of J hooks included as the bar is not suitable for use with power racks- they will not fit on them but they will with the free J hooks provided. It is 84 inches long and 1.125 inches thick and weighs around 75 pounds (and the shipping weight should be more than that too- not 50 lbs like specified on the product page and you will get a proper large package) so you have something rather heavy duty, sturdy and durable here. It has the padded shoulders of foam rollers that are covered with vinyl so you can do your lifting comfortably. As we mentioned, this is a very solid 1000 lbs total weight capacity squat bar with a curved design and proper hand grips for a variety of weight lifting exercises and the ends have bearings and they spin. So it is not all about squats although it is designed mainly for that- to allow you to do the best when you’re squatting and also works perfectly with bench press and rack.


The curves or cambering on both sides are around 50 inches distant from each other and you may want to keep this in mind if you will be using it on your existing rack. This is quite a good quality product that will let you do squats comfortably, without hurting your shoulders as this one will give you great support and it is a very useful training tool if you’re a professional athlete or a competitive power lifter. If you’re like me and can not get your hands behind your shoulders to do squats, this will be a great one to have as you’ll just be holding the hand grips at the front. You can simply keep it high on your shoulders for higher bar squats and move it a little down to the back for doing low bar squats. One thing that is not very good about it is the high price tag but it seems to be very well worth it, with its solid build quality, design, and functionality. This TDS bar will save your shoulders as it is rather comfortable, offers a good balance, making it ideal for squatting, especially if you are not able to hold a regular bar on your back. The product reviews are mostly positive, with people rating it 5 stars and even claiming this to be the best squat bar ever and to be very much worthy of the price tag.

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