Teapai Professional 35″ & 33″ Aerial Lyra Hoop Equipment Set Review

Teapai Professional 35″ & 33″ Aerial Lyra Hoop Equipment

Teapai Aerial Hoop Set - Professional Aerial Lyra Hoop Equipment

Teapai Aerial Hoop Set is a professional, studio quality, 35″ (90cm) or 33″ (85cm) size aerial lyra hoop equipment- ring that is tested for strength capacity of up to 500 pounds and comes with the rigging kit, tape and storage. An aerial lyra hoop is a steel or aluminum ring suspended from an overhead point on which a user can swing, spin, transition and pose.

Being a recent release fitness product that was first available at Amazon.com on December 21, 2021, has a single 5-star rating and is listed among the top 100 Strength Training Inversion Equipment. You have the two size options of 35″ (90cm) and 33″ (85cm). And to pick the right size, you need to sit on a chair and measure the distance between the seat and the top of your head and add 2 more inches. If the distance between the top of the head and seat is 31 inches, you’ll need a 33″ lyra hoop.

Teapai Aerial Lyra Hoop looks nice and elegant, is made of high quality steel and can be wrapped with a 25M tape for an additional grip. It is load tested for up to 300kg or 661 pounds. It comes with the safe heavy-duty accessories of an aerial hoop, 3 steel carabiners with max strength of 25KN, a stainless steel swivel with 30KN max strength and a 3.3 feet nylon sling with the load bearing of 2 tons. This single point aerial hoop is suitable for use by men and women at different levels from beginner to advanced or professional.

The reported benefits include promoting the total body flexibility and balance, enhancing posture, increasing metabolic rate, toning and strengthening muscles, releasing muscle aches, increasing user’s insight, reducing stress levels, regulating emotions, keeping optimism and improving mental health and overall well-being. It is lightweight, hollow and will move with you effortlessly. This complete aerial hoop set is easy to set up, versatile, sturdy, durable and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

It offers a pretty good workout and is commonly used at home, gym, dancing studios or performance spots. As the aerial lyra hoop can spin your viewers are offered a 360-degree performance view. It is full strength and load tested and certified and found to have a capacity of up to 770 pounds or 350kg. It is also tested for washability, flammability and colorfastness and found to be a very reliable piece of equipment overall. Your safety should be your priority and this aerial hoop must be hung professionally. It is important that you check the overall equipment and check and test the rigging prior to each use.

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