The Original FeetUp Trainer Yoga Chair Headstand Tool Review

The Original FeetUp Trainer Yoga Headstand Tool 

FeetUp Trainer (The Original) - Invert

The original FeetUp Trainer is designed for inverting and performing a variety of yoga chair exercises easily and safely, to help you get fit and relax. It is a very recent release but a best selling product, and there aren’t many reviews yet online.

You have five color options to choose from, chocolate & black, chocolate & white, classic black, classic violet and classic white with small price differences that you may view at The original FeetUp Trainer is designed in Germany and manufactured according to the high standards of Europe.

In the box you’ll get the Asanas Poster for hundred different yoga postures, relaxation and fitness exercises that you can do every day in the comfort of your home. You also have the user manual and the First Inversion Guide. The FeetUp Trainer weighs about 10 pounds and measures 25.2 x 15.8 x 15.8 inches. The maximum recommended bodyweight is 250 pounds and the maximum load it can carry is 2000 pounds as per the tests at the University of Braunschweig in Germany.

There will be no pressure on your spine or neck when you invert or do yoga poses on the FeetUp Trainer that has the right shape and functionality for what you want to do. It is much safer to use or to invert on than the unassisted headstands. It is an ecologically friendly product with vegan leather and high quality and stable wood that looks good and happens to be a renewable source in the nature. It is very easy to put together within about five minutes with the assembly kit included in the box.

FeetUp Trainer (The Original) - Invert Exercises

If you’re a beginner you will learn to do your inversions easily within just a few minutes. And you will be improving your strength, balance and flexibility without risking an injury- no slipping or tipping over. There is no need to put pressure on your neck or spine while you’re doing your headstands. Your body weight will be evenly spread over your shoulders, as your head hangs freely without any pressure on it or your spine. You may want to do small circles with your head to relax and take a couple of breaths your neck before jumping on and lifting your feet up slowly and being upside down.

It is not a cheap inversion yoga chair but you certainly get what you pay for- is sturdier, has the right measurements, feels much better and easier to exercise on, is more comfy to stay in longer with proper cushioning and has a premium look and feel. If you’re not happy with the FeetUp for whatever reason you can return it within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund. The company stands behind this great product. FeetUp will help you get to the inverted postures in a gentle and safe way.  If you’re a beginner we recommend that you start with short inversions of a few seconds, and increase it gradually over the following days and weeks. It is important to listen to your body, no matter what exercise you do.   

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