Tiptiper Folding Magnetic Upright Recumbent Stationary Bike with Backrest and Resistance Bands Review

Tiptiper Folding Magnetic Upright Recumbent Bike

Tiptiper Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

TipTiper Folding Stationary Exercise Bike has a conveniently foldable design, magnetic resistance, a 5.5-inch flywheel and a smart LCD display. It is both an upright and a recumbent type bike with a backrest and comes with two resistance bands to use on both sides.

This tension rope will help you work on your upper body muscles, and to cover your whole body, not just your legs and abs. It will let you exercise your arms- triceps and biceps, chest and back. You’ll also be burning more calories and losing weight, while strengthening your muscles. 8 levels of smooth and quiet, infinite magnetic resistance can be adjusted, increased or decreased via the tension knob with just an easy twist.

The high backrest is properly padded for your comfort and support during your exercise session and the multi-grip handles can be held in different positions. Tiptiper Bike also has a 10.6-inch wide comfortable ergonomic seat to help you work out longer. It can be adjusted for 5 different heights and forward and back- the distance from the LCD display, to accommodate people between the heights of 4’11” and 6’3”. Your back and hands are well supported on long exercise sessions. You can fold it in half, move it on its transportation wheels and put it in a closet or a convenient corner of your house.

You can place your tablet, iPad, smartphone or TV remote on the tablet holder provided. There is also a bottle cage where you can put your bottle and stay well hydrated during your workout. The large LCD screen measures 9 x 5.7 inches, is easy to read and operate with the standard indicators of calories burned, distance traveled, time exercised, current speed, Scan that shows each of these one by one without you needing to press anything manually, ODOmeter that gives you the total distance from the first use and pulse rate via the handle sensors on both the left and right handlebar.

This compact and portable indoor bike has a robust construction with an X-frame for a sturdier feel. The maximum total user weight capacity is 260 pounds. The accurate pulse rate reading helps you monitor your heart rate and stay in the zone. Tiptiper Upright Bike requires only very simple assembly as it is sent with the main body already assembled. You just need to put together the saddle, LCD display, pedals and the handlebar within half an hour or so. You can put the bike in your living room in front of your TV and watch TV or movies while exercising on the bike. It is a budget priced modern indoor bike that offers a decent value for money.

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