TECHMOO Fitness 3D Vibration Plate with Remote Control and Bands Review

TECHMOO Fitness 3D Vibration Plate with Remote

TECHMOO Fitness 3D Vibration Plate with Remote

TECHMOO Fitness 3D Vibration Plate is a number one new release 200 watt power whole body exercise equipment with the elastic bands to work on the upper body and a remote control. You can purchase it in either golden or white & black colors, both with the same price tag.

It is designed to help you burn calories, lose weight, strengthen and tone muscles, increase coordination and balance in a more passive manner, relax your body and improve your health overall. It will help enhance the blood circulation in your body and make your muscles and whole body relaxed. It may also be great for recovery after a gym workout and not to have any pain on muscles or help you feel better after a long day at work.

There are 4 adjustable preset modes and 99 speeds to choose from. One of these four modes is manual and three of them are automatic for your different needs. And you can select them and the 99 speeds from very easy to very challenging via a simple click on the remote control provided. According to the manufacturer, by spending just 10 minutes on this vibration plate you will burn the same amount of calories and feel the same impact of one hour of jogging exercise.

It is compact in size and portable and will not occupy much space. And the remote control is quite convenient to have so you don’t have to go all the way down to the control panel each time you want to change the settings. Please just step in the middle for relaxation, a little out for a comfy feel during the session and close to the edges on the platform for a stronger feel and more challenge. The TECHMOO Fitness Vibration Power Platform Exercisesresistance yoga loop band is included as a bonus and will help you with keeping in balance, stretching, toning, strengthening and injury rehab. This compact vibration plate is easy to relocate with the moving wheels.

It is built sturdy and durable with the high quality components, and feels quite stable with the four rubber suction feet underneath. The max user weight is specified as 265 pounds on this great little vibration machine. The Techmoo 3D works with the high recurrence vibrations that cause a stretch reflex. You can basically burn calories, tone and strengthen and even build muscles with very small effort as compared to the regular exercise routine at the gym or outdoors. You can use this vibration unit in sitting, lying or standing positions. In the package you will find the Techmoo Vibration Plate, the power cord, removable resistance band, remote control and the user manual.

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