Total Gym APEX G5 Total Body Strength Training Fitness Equipment Review

Total Gym APEX G5 Total Body Fitness Equipment 

Total Gym APEX G5 Versatile Indoor Home Workout

Total Gym APEX G5 is a total body commercial level workout equipment with an innovative and multi-purpose design for resistance and cardiovascular training as well as stretching in the comfort of your home. It offers great versatility with the attachments included and 10 real resistance levels to offer you plenty of challenge.

As accessories you will find the dip bars, two stability mats, wing attachment, leg pull accessory, larger squat stand, training deck with holder, workout and nutrition manuals, Total Gym TV access, user manual and a DVD. You also have the cable pulley system for a variety of upper and lower body exercises. It is a very recent release fitness unit without many reviews or ratings at, but seems to be quite promising.

Total Gym Apex G5 is claimed to offer more than 80 exercises by using the glideboard and your own body weight and with different levels of resistance. It is a low impact type fitness equipment that will not put any burden on your knees or joints. You can move from one exercise to the next smoothly and effortlessly on it. It promises results if you use it just for 20 mins per day and 4 days a week. However you do need to have a healthier eating plan for quicker results, whether you wish to burn calories or fat or strengthen and tone your muscles.

This strength training home gym equipment is suitable for use by people between the ages of 8 and 80 and at different fitness levels, as long as they do not weigh more than 375 pounds. You can work on your lower and upper body and the abdominals. It is designed to sculpt your body, give you more energy, improve flexibility and maintain your overall health. It is a sturdy and durable equipment with a high quality steel frame with the automatic lock height adjustment. You have the nicely padded glideboard with the headrest, that moves on the solid frame.

Total Gym measures 93L x 43.25H x 15.5W inches and can be folded easily for relocation and storage. But there aren’t any transport wheels underneath to help you roll it away. As you stabilize your body on the moving glideboard you will be getting your abdominals involved. The strength of your core section is just very important for your whole body. If you’re not sure what to do with it, you’ll get the “Start It Up” DVD, a training card deck and the on-demand video system that lets you stream videos on your smartphone, tablet or computer whenever you want.

Total Gym APEX G5 Versatile Workout

It is a very sturdy product with a tubular steel frame and great quality components and attachments including a heavy-duty pulley. And it will feel very stable as long as the total weight is not over 375 pounds. And there are two stability mats no both ends of the Total Gym.We like that it is quite easy to switch the configuration for different exercises. You’ll experience a great full range of motion.

It includes the holes for adding a weight bar if you want to. Please note that this would work more as a body toning and strengthening machine rather than for bulking up. You will be using about 60% of your body weight at the highest setting and you can add a weight bar as well. Please note that you need about 10 feet length and up to 6 feet of width clearance to exercise comfortably on this machine. It is a great all-rounder type fitness equipment that we are happy to recommend to people of all ages and at different fitness levels. The warranty offered is one year by the manufacturer and they have a customer support team available if you need assistance.

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