TruBalance Kinetiq SL Pro Deluxe Inversion Table – Glacier White/Obsidian Review

TruBalance Kinetiq SL Pro Deluxe Inversion Table via Amazon

TruBalance Kinetiq SL Pro Deluxe Inversion Table

TruBalance Kinetiq SL is a high quality pro grade easily foldable inversion table with a proper 180 degree inversion, a comfy two-tone ultra-padded back support and raised/extended release lever to let you get out easily by unlocking your legs after inverting without having to bend. Inversion therapy has been around and advised by health professionals for more than four decades, to decompress the spine, stretch spinal discs, relieve stiff and painful muscles, send oxygen to the brain, enhance blood circulation and reduce aging effects because of gravity and all you need to do is spend ten minutes per day on it. Glacier white and obsidian Kinetiq SL Pro Deluxe weighs 85 pounds and measures 52 x 33 x 9 inches and can be used by people up to 330 pound weight and between 4’10” and 6’6” tall with the height adjustable frame, is quite a durable unit made of heavy duty materials including a heat treated V-fold tubular powder coated steel frame and solid textured finish padded steel side handles, rolled foam as ankle support and has a modern and ergonomic design- actually the company claims it to be the inversion table with the best design so far on the market.

TruBalance Kinetiq SL Pro Deluxe Inversion

TruBalance Kinetiq SL is quite easy to assemble and when you put it together you’ll see that it looks and works beyond its price tag and as it can be folded flat at about 13 inch deep you may store it easily under your bed or in the corner of your room.  Because it is designed as a commercial grade inversion table made of heavy duty industrial components, can be used in both homes and professional settings and the latest V-fold tubular steel frame keeps it stable at all times. You will be in control of your movements without having to use bulky and awkward straps and you will be able to invert at up to full 180 degrees. If you have any health problems, especially those that you think may be affected by use of an inversion table please ask a physician prior to use but generally speaking anyone with back pain or disc problems will certainly benefit from hanging upside down and opening up and relieving the pressure on the spine and is good for anyone wishing to fight the gravity effects. Other benefits include muscle relaxation, damaged disc recovery, maintained height, enhanced blood circulation, alleviating symptoms of back pain and more. As the latest model by TruBalance, Kinetiq SL offers, safety, stability, durability, comfort and functionality at a great price and in the box you will find the inversion table, user manual and setup instructions.

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