Vew-Do El Dorado Balance Board with Roller Review

Vew-Do El Dorado Balance Board via Amazon

Vew-Do El Dorado Balance Board with Roller

Vew-Do El Dorado Deck and Rock combo is the most challenging balance board by Vew-Do so far with its sharply tapered 5 inch diameter rock that enables more intuitive and quicker riding that is a lot of fun. Balance, especially core balance is rather important, this balance board helps centre you and teaches you how to balance properly in your daily life or in whatever other sports you may play. It is on the hard side so can be used by more advanced riders including the extreme athletes, skateboarders and advanced balance board riders although it can also be used by anyone that wants more challenge- it is a good way to practice before you go on the field or snow. Oval shaped El Dorado with rounded ends is a great quality product that is made in USA- handcrafted in Vermont, has 9 1_2 inch waist, 9 inch nose and tail, is very solid and nicely made of premium 100% North American 9-ply maplewood with nice texture grip on top so you won’t slip easily and is tested for stress of more than 400 pounds of weight for breakage. The original board and rock combo set-ups of the company had longer decks and larger rock diameters and you needed more responsive balance skills to ride them.

And this newly designed El Dorado is no different in that sense as you have the bigger rock diameter, longer nose and tail along with a very slim, extra large, full grip tape traction surface concave hourglass shaped deck so it is more for those that are keen on practicing on a more challenging board with injection molded rail system underneath with the performance shaped molded – hardwood tapered rock / roller with more radial taper and less primary riding surface. Even the quite experienced riders will be challenged by it and gives them the opportunity for better performance and maneuver capabilities and makes it one of the best balance board / roller combos for complete rotational low impact balance board riding and training (fitness) or for simply having a lot of fun (recreation) but mostly for learning to improve your core strength and balance. We keep saying it is quite challenging but it is more at a level that would give you an adrenaline rush rather than being intimidating or kind of “impossible to stay in balance” challenge, so it is more about fun while training on a little more difficult unit, and it is still suitable for both athletes or ordinary people with a bit of riding skill and is the next step up from the regular traditional balance boards.

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