Ironman Triathlon X-Class 6838 Light Commercial Multi-Workout Abdominal/Hyper Back Extension Bench Review

Ironman Triathlon X-Class 6838 Bench via Amazon

IRONMAN Triathlon X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Abdominal and Back Extension Bench

IRONMAN Triathlon X-Class 6838 is a solid, light commercial fitness bench with a 650 pound total weight capacity on its durable and stable 2 x 2 inches steel frame and 24 inch long back and front stabilisers, designed for hyper back extensions (45 degree extension angle) and abs of adults between 5’ and 6’4” height. Adjustments include 4 level bench adjustmens (3 for decline bench, 1 for flat) and 14 for the thigh support cushion. It is quite comfortable to exercise on as the large tapered 36 x 8 to 12 inch bench has a 2.5 inch thick dense foam, dual stitched vinyl covering that is resistant to moisture and sweat, 4 inch thick roller pads with two roller pad adjustments to accommodate people that are taller or shorter, split 2 inch thick thigh foam cushions for supporting your mid section during hyper extending and 1.5 inch round soft and anti-slip dip and push up handles. As a proof of its great quality you’ll get a limited warranty for the life of the bench. Ironman is a very well known brand in the fitness industry for its high end heavy duty home products at light commercial level for customers that want the best for money.

IRONMAN Triathlon X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Abdominal:Hyper Back Extension Bench

Although the Triathlon X-Class 6838 is designed mainly to work on your core (ab crunches, knee raises, side oblique exercises) and back (lower back extensions, lower back stretches in decline and flat positions), you can also do chest (lower, mid and upper chest with different dumbbell exercises), arms- triceps and biceps (preacher curls, single dumbbell rows for lats and biceps). It weighs 55.6 pounds and has the measurements of 64 x 28.8 x 35 inches and can be carried in your house easily with its convenient transportation wheels. It requires some assembly work as it doesn’t come assembled but is easy to do and dumbbells are not included in the package and you can purchase them separately if you wish to target muscles other than your abs and lower back. It is not a very cheap bench but you’re paying more for quality backed up by a limited lifetime warranty by Ironman and Paradigm Health and Wellness Inc that design great top of the line fitness machines and offer superior customer support including the free WeAssist app with detailed instructions of assembly. To summarise, this is a very well built, decent and strong bench with multiple functions that seems to accommodate people of different heights with different adjustments and is very good value for dollar.

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