Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill Review

Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill via Amazon

Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill

Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T is currently one of the best selling treadmills on Amazon.com as a unique product with Crosswalk Upper Body Arms so you can work on your arms and upper body too while you’re walking on treadmill and with a powerful 2.25 horse power Impulse motor. It is a mid-range model for home use at a budget price, has a compact and foldable space saving design (patented SpaceSaver technology) if you live in a small flat or house and transportation wheels which make it easy to move in the house, 16 x 50 inch tread belt which is large enough for most people, as a lightweight machine it only weighs 168 pounds and the maximum user weight capacity is specified as 250 pounds. The silver and black LCD display panel includes the indicators like time, speed, distance traveled and calories burned pulse rate via the Easy Thumb Pulse heart rate monitor so you can meet your fitness targets better. You will get 4 quick preset workout apps, 10 mph digital speed control, and you will see the Start, Stop, Speed Up and Down, Workout Select, Priority Display to help you make little adjustments for your ideal workout. Weslo Crosswalk has two-position manually adjustable incline levels (not automatic) if you want more challenge and burn more calories in a shorter time and for protecting your joints when you’re working out it is equipped with Comfort Cell Cushioning.

Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Walking and Running Treadmill

The 4 preset exercise apps provided are good if you don’t have a lot of time and want to get on with it as soon as possible and please note that this is not just a walking treadmill and you can also jog or run comfortably up to a speed of 10 miles per hour as the long side arms for the upper body is actually stationary and optional and they won’t move when you’re running. You will find two water bottle holders and single touch quick keys but none of the other bells and whistles of very expensive treadmills like the sound options, speakers, a fan or a tablet and reading rack. It is not shipped totally assembled and will require some assembly but is not hard to do so and you should be able to do it under an hour with the help of another person as long as you follow the instructions. It is designed as a mid-range model to work on different key muscle groups on your lower and upper body and you will get 90 days of parts and labor warranty by Icon Fitness as the Weslo brand is owned by them. It is not very quiet when in operation according to one of the customers but others say it is rather quiet so we’re not sure which one is correct, 90 days warranty is not particularly long as you may have noticed, incline is not automatic but on the other hand the CrossWalk feature is quite nice to have and unique, folding compact design with transport wheels is convenient, we also like the thumb sensor type heart rate reader and the large graphical display panel as well as the affordable price point so if you’re looking for a lightweight, compact yet decent quality and affordable treadmill with side handles to work your upper body as well, this may be something you may want to look at.

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