Wonder Maxi Folding Upright Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike Review

Wonder Maxi (Techmoo) Folding Upright Recumbent Magnetic Bike

Wonder Maxi Folding Upright Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike

Wonder Maxi (or Techmoo) Upright and Recumbent Bike has a conveniently foldable design and magnetic resistance, an LCD display panel, pulse sensors, arm resistance bands, smartphone holder and more. You can get it in either black or blue.

It has a big multi-functional LCD digital tracking display panel that shows the distance traveled, time exercised, current speed, and calories burned. You can monitor your progress and stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

There is a phone holder where you can put your smartphone to watch workout videos or get entertained during your exercise session. It is a compact and foldable bike that doesn’t need much space and you can relocate and store it away in a convenient space. It has a sturdy and durable frame with the X-type physical balance theory design that you will feel safe and stable on. The maximum total user weight capacity is 265 pounds.

The stationary bike has an ergonomic design with a big foam padded back cushion and the PU leather padding for great back support to make you feel more comfortable. You can adjust the seat for feeling more comfortable during your session. It has a magnetic resistance system that can be adjusted to 8 levels of challenge. There is a 3.53-pound flywheel for a quiet and smooth movement, and you can listen to music or watch videos without being disturbed by any noise and without disturbing the people in the house.

Techmoo Wonder Maxi Upright Recumbent Bike can be folded completely and you can change it from vertical to recumbent easily by just using the adjustment lever. You can fold the bike by using the foot distance adjustment knob below the back of the seat, turn the knob to the left and pull it when loose enough and fold the bike. The pressure will be taken off your lower back in the recumbent position while you’re working on your different leg muscles like hams, calves, glutes, quads and tibilais anterior.

You’ll also get a low-impact workout on your same muscles, with also the abdominals. It will take up just 0.32 sqm of space and will fit into closets or convenient corners of your house. You can target different muscles of your body by using the arm and leg resistance bands. It has the pulse Wonder Maxi Folding Magnetic Upright Bikesensors and you get an accurate heart rate reading on the display panel. And if you want to burn more calories and fat, you need to increase your heart rate and keep it up for longer.

Wonder Maxi (Techmoo) Upright Recumbent Bike weighs 44 pounds and measures 37.5 x 16.9 x 44.5 inches. The seat can be adjusted between 0 and 3.15 inches and people between 4ft 11in and 6ft 3 inches can use it comfortably. Two AA batteries for the LCD display are included in the box. The pull rope stretches between 0 and 39.4 inches. You’ll get the easy to read instructions and the simple tools- nuts, washers and screws clearly marked in the box and you can easily assemble it on your own. At the current price level it is pretty good value for the dollar.

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