XMark’s TEXAS STAR Olympic Plate Weight Sets, XM-3389-BAL Review

XMark Texas Star Olympic Plate Weight Sets

XMark TEXAS STAR Olympic Plate Weight Sets

XMark Fitness 2017 release Texas Star XM-3389-BAL is a weight set of rubber coated Olympic Plate weights of different sizes, from 45 pounds all the way up to 365 pounds. The figure at the end of the model name is simply the total weight.

For example, XM-3389-BAL-255 means you’ll get pairs of Olympic plate weights that will add up to 255 pounds in total. You have the pairs of 45 lb., 35 lb., 25 lb., 10 lb., 5lb. and 2.5 lb. weights in varying combinations. The weight variation is great for use of people at different levels of their strength training.

The recessed five grip handles on the Texas Star Olympic Plates’ large openings will fit nicely in your hand. They also have the stainless steel precision hub that helps the weights fit properly and lets you load on the Olympic bars easily. These are great quality single-piece cast iron Olympic plates covered with recycled and virgin rubber. You will see that the plates in these sets cost a bit less than the bumper plates as they have the rubber coating but they are often as solid and durable.

XMark Fitness Texas Star Olympic plate weight models include the XM-3389-BAL-365, XM-3389-BAL-345, XM-3389-BAL-295, XM-3389-BAL-275, XM-3389-BAL-255, XM-3389-BAL-225, XM-3389-BAL-205, XM-3389-BAL-185, XM-3389-BAL-165, XM-XMark's TEXAS STAR Olympic Plate Weight Sets3389-BAL-155, XM-3389-BAL-135, XM-3389-BAL-115, XM-3389-BAL-95, XM-3389-BAL-65 and XM-3389-BAL-45.

Whichever set or weights total you choose you are not purchasing a cheap product. And it always helps to do some research prior to your purchase and you may want to browse through the Olympic plate weight sets of different brands on Amazon.com through the links on this review page.

But our experience with the XMark’s resistance training products has been positive so far. These plate sets have all that you may expect from good quality plates, but also the premium rubber coating. So they are much easier and safer to hold and neither your floors will be cut or your weights will be damaged in any way.

They are quieter and there will be no rusting like there may be on other metal plates. You won’t get any bars in the Texas Star set, but a variety of Olympic plate weights that are suitable for both home and commercial gym use, as they also look and feel great. XMark Fitness offers generous amounts of warranty for all their products and this set is backed by 180 days of warranty in US and Canada by the company. XMark is a good one for customer support and they are known to get back to requests very promptly and are often helpful.

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