ZEG Power Rack 1600lb. Capacity Cage with Lat Pulldown, Squat Rack, Pull-up Bar & Dip Bar Review

ZEG Power Rack 1600lb. Capacity Cage with Lat Pulldown 

ZEG Power Rack Power Cage

ZEG Power Rack is a high end strength training equipment with a 1600-pound total weight capacity. It is made up of a 14 height adjustable squat rack, pull up bar, dip bar and the lat pulldown for performing your strength training exercises.

This commercial power rack with lat pulldown measures 61.9L x 45.3W x 87.5H inches and takes up 2.08 square meter of space. The total weight capacity is 1500 pounds for the J-Hooks and pull-up bars and 1600 pounds otherwise. The premium steel bars and parts are painted and pickled and will not rust easily. You can use the power cage with a 7 foot long barbell easily in the large space of the squat cage and you have a great experience overall.

The great quality steel rubber feet on the 4 feet strengthen the power cage and make it feel more stable. It is ideal for use by the heavy weight lifters. The pull-up bar is 33.9 inches long in the squat cage and you can use a variety of accessories and you can do barbell squats, wide stance squats, low squats, deadlifts, incline and decline bench press or other training exercises. You’ll find holes reserved on the power cage and you can install the lat pulldown for doing more exercises.

The universal aperture of 3 inches is good for the majorty of bar supports on the market. The plate load bars have the 1.2-inch diameter, the 16 triangular steel plate firm the power rack with the lat pulldown uprights and base tubes. There are twoZEG Power Rack Power Cage LAT Pulldown 1600lb. chrome doule mounted safety bars and the U-shaped stability bar for moving easily and safely. You have the multi-grip chin up/pull-up bars and the dip bars.

It is a heavy duty all steel power rack that you can adjust and customise at will. There are two adjustable very dense PVC dip handles with the rubber strip, a low row cable attachment, a lat pull down, 16.6-inch low row bar, 30-inch lat bar, pull up bars, multi-grip chin up bar, two 2.5-inch thick squat bars and safety catches, the 80-inch electroplated lat pulldown steel bar and a 3-inch thick barbell rack hook.

Assembly is needed and you can do it easier with another person helping you out and following the clear instructions and using the tools in the box. Please ensure that you do not tighten the screws when you set up the power cage in case you have a problem with the subsequent components. The integrated multi-grip pull-up bar will help improve the shoulder, back and arm muscles. The low row cable attachment and the lat pull down are great for shoulders, upper back, triceps, biceps and abs. It first became available at Amazon.com on July 27, 2021 and is currently ranked the 21st best selling strength training power cages.

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