4-in-1 Mechanical Treadmill with Twister, Sit-up Panel & Draw Rope Review

4-in-1 Mechanical Treadmill with Twister, Sit-up Panel & Draw Rope 

Mechanical Treadmill 4-in-1, with Sit-ups Panel, T-wisting Machine, Draw Rope Features

The 4-in-1 Mechanical Treadmill is a modern cardiovascular foldable workout unit without the electric power. Instead you use your own body weight and legs to generate speed and intensity on the tread belt. The 4-in-1 is made up of the treadmill, a twisting machine, a sit-up panel, and a draw rope.

The maximum total user weight capacity is an impressive 440 pounds or 200kg, which is well above what we have seen on treadmills or other home aerobic workout units. There is a smart LED-backlit display panel along with a tablet holder. You have the usual workout indicators of distance traveled, calories burned, current speed, time exercised, and ODOmeter (total distance from the beginning). So you can monitor your fitness progress to get to your goals much quicker.

There is a tablet/smartphone stand below the display, where you can put your iPad, other tablet or smartphone for entertainment when you’re jogging or running. This will ensure a nice distraction from what you’re doing and you can burn more calories by simply being able to jog or run longer. It is easy to set up and use and can be folded easily to save on some space when you’re not using it. You can move it lightly and easily on its transportation wheels without any burden on your muscles or joints. The design is also quite nice and modern as you can see in the photos.

You can work on and tighten your back muscles, achieve spine flexibility, burn fat on the abs, thighs and around the love handles with the attachments included. This is not an electric powered exercise machine but a manual one with a 2.0 peak HPS drive system for walking, jogging and running up to the speeds of 12 kph. You have the 12 integrated exercise programs on the display panel that you can choose for what you wish to achieve. And you have Mechanical Treadmill 4-in-1the handrails on the sides for support and security. The 4-in-1 Mechanical Treadmill measures 47.2 x 19.7 x (35.4-45.3) inches.

Please follow the instructions for assembly on the user manual provided in the box. This is a modern manual treadmill with a curved/incline belt that requires no electricity and the incline can be adjusted through the back, as you can see in the photo. You and your legs are the motor of this machine and as you start walking, the belt will start to move as well. You can strengthen and tone your muscles and burn more calories while improving your mental state. You have a good size jogging area for better leg movement. There are no speed settings for adjustment purposes but a speed display on this mechanical treadmill. You can contact the seller on Amazon- MidnightSinging via your product order page in case of any queries.

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