ActionLine KY-90826 200W 99 Levels Speed Range Vibration Plate Review

ActionLine KY-90826 Vibration Plate via Amazon

ActionLine KY-90826 200W 99 Levels Speed Range Body Health Message Vibration Platform

Orange and black ActionLine KY-90826 is a recent release oscillating motion vibration plate with a very powerful 200 watt motor that enables impressive speed adjustment of 99 levels and comes with a convenient and functional remote control so you don’t have to stop and try and reach down to the control panel to press buttons to turn it on and off, to change speed or time- you can continue your workout and make it easier or more challenging without having to pause. It includes a manual and four pre-set auto programs and two elastic straps to help improve your ability to work both your lower and upper body (including arms) and you can even do your step workout as it is a low profile unit- there are actually a variety of exercises you can do with it and the low profile design also makes it suitable for use by anyone in any home and enables easy storage.

ActionLine KY-90826 200W 99 Levels Speed Range Body Health Message Vibration Plate

ActionLine Vibration Plate can carry users with weight up to 250 pounds and won’t move around while it is in operation as it comes with four anti-slip sucker feet that lock it to the ground so it stays stable at all times so you will be a lot less likely to suffer from back, knee or other injuries during your exercise. Each one of your muscles will vibrate on the oscillating movement plate and your entire body will get a good workout with your muscle mass increasing and toning and you will learn to be in more control and balance. You can even do lunges or squats or work on your core or abs- anything that requires maintaining balance can be done safely. Main reasons of using this and other vibration plates is working your whole body- upper and lower, burning calories and fat, increasing blood circulation (even better if you have circulation problems), improving your muscle mass structure and tone, getting fit and decreasing cellulite (strength training and a bit of cardio considering you do circuit and step exercises). In short, it is claimed to offer many heath benefits and if you’re into vibration platform, this one seems to offer good value for money but there aren’t many customer reviews out yet and we will be able to find out more about user experiences and the functionality of the product very soon.

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