Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7420M Magnetic Treadmill Review

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7420M Treadmill via Amazon

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7420M Magnetic Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7420M is a 2015 release sleek and beautiful magnetic- motorless treadmill with a heavy duty steel frame offering flexibility, durability and quality that doesn’t need a power outlet to operate, which also makes it more economical to run and environmentally friendly. It is stylish and easy on the eyes, simple to set up and use (and fun), quiet, comfy, ergonomic, smooth, robust, solid and durable feeling treadmill that is good to have as a convenient and completely customisable fitness equipment at home. It will let you have a great cardio workout in the comfort of your home whenever you want, to burn calories, lose weight, get in shape, stay fit, raise your heart rate and feel healthy and great overall. Handrails are comfortable to hold as they are nicely padded and include pulse sensors that show on the heart rate option on the LCD panel that also shows the usual speed, calories, distance to track and monitor your progress and achieve your goals faster and scan that you’ll see on most treadmill displays. Use it on a level surface and have at least 2 feet space around it and keep your pets and children away from it.

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T7420M Magnetic Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7420M weighs 70 pounds and maximum user weight it can carry is 220 pounds and measures 54 x 26.2 x 50.8 inches when assembled. It has a 40 x 13 inches walking or running space which is all right for people of all sizes and offers quite a bit of challenge from easy to difficult with eight different levels of magnetic resistance and three levels of incline (manually adjustable though but easy enough to change) but feels different than the actual walking or running in the park. It is easy to fold for storing away and to unfold with the soft drop hydraulic system that will also prevent slams and damage to floors. It could be a little bigger with a larger running space and more user weight capacity but should still accommodate majority of adults. This is a motorless magnetic unit that is easy to maintain and store and different levels of tension is created by magnetic force, with the magnetic pull going up and down so it is up to you if you want an easier or more difficult and strenuous exercise and it will all depend on your own power by you moving forward to move belt forward unlike with an electrical unit with a motor. Like with any at-home exercise or working out at a gym, try and check with your health professional before starting using the treadmill or anything you may do additionally and as it may be harder to start with non-electric units there may be an additional burden on your joints.

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