Ader Core Trainer “Smart Wonder Core” Ab Exerciser Review

Ader Core Trainer “Smart Wonder Core” via Amazon

Ader Core Trainer Ab Exerciser Smart Wonder Core

Ader Core Trainer / Ab Exerciser that we’re reviewing on this page is basically one, two or four pieces of the better known “Smart Wonder Core”s to work on your mid, lower and upper abs and obliques and to strengthen your core section (which is probably the most important part of your body according to many experts) efficiently. Smart Wonder Core consists of a heavily padded seat and dual moving arms which are also padded for your comfort and to help you exercise longer. If you purchase two or four units to work out with your partner(s) in each double set you will get an orange and a green one, or you can choose one of the two colours if you’re getting a single unit. You will find a workout DVD that includes other exercises and a nutrition guide and a user manual included in the package. There is no set-up required as it is sent fully assembled, has a small footprint and will not take up much space wherever you put it and has a foldable design- folds to only 5 inch high so you can store it under your bed or in a corner and you can take it on your travels with you in the car- it weighs just 14.8 pounds and measures 20.5 x 21.6 x 15 inches.

Ader Core Trainer Ab ExerciserIt is a comfortable to use and non-slip base and gives you the option to increase the tension between 24 and 48 pounds through the knobs on each side with the precision dials and interlocking springs so people at any fitness level- beginner, intermediate or advanced will have no problems (people of any age can work out with it)- higher resistance for more muscle mass and less resistance for leaner. It is not just your obliques and different parts of your abs either, you can also work on your triceps and biceps. With dual resistance you will work your muscles in both phases of up and down so you’ll get much better and faster results as you will be working on abs even in the relaxing phase. So the workout options you have with the Smart Wonder Core is push-ups, scissor-kicks, ab tucks, bicycling, sit-ups/crunches, bridges, triceps and biceps/forearms. It is claimed to be a very effective unit and promises you six packs but this will really depend on your body type (some people will just have flat abs rather than six packs or they will not quit their bad eating habit) and yes it will very much depend on your nutrition as well, having said that it will be a lot more effective than the manual ab exercises on the floor. Smart Wonder Core is great for those with knee, arm or joint problems being such a low impact (on your joints) unit, or for those lower back problems as it will give them good support and those that find it hard to do crunches, push ups , tricep workout and bridges. It is like one of those durable and good quality (comes with 3 years warranty) and functional home workout units that are designed for people with not much time to get to gym regularly.

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