Ancheer Vertical Fitness Climber Review

Ancheer Vertical Fitness Climber Machine
Ancheer Vertical Climber Machine Total Body Workout

Ancheer Vertical Fitness Climber we are reviewing on this page is a new release/brand new US stock item for very fast delivery via Amazon and is good for home, office or gym use. It has an imitation mountaineering design and is ergonomically designed for a decent whole body workout- abs, arms, legs, shoulders etc. of different body types (and a very tough one). It includes the adjustable height of handles to accommodate people of different ages and heights (height range between 1m and 1.90m which should cover a great percentage of children and adults).

It has a LED-backlit monitor that shows the usual indicators of calories burned, time exercised, speed, distance, and scan to show each of these four indicators one by one. Isometric handles are nicely padded with a thick sponge but are anti-slip so your hands are protected over longer exercise sessions and the rubber pads are non-slip and make it stable. Please note that there is not a great deal of resistance on this unit, you can use the built-in bike for warm-up and resistance is provided by your own body weight and multiple settings will let you choose the level of difficulty, 75 degree angle inclination gives it stability and you may warm up with simple body movements or on your exercise bike.

Ancheer Vertical Climber Machine
Ancheer Vertical Climber is a solid and durable product made of steel alloy and can carry a maximum user weight of 330 pounds, has a nice and sleek metal finish, looks good in silver and pink (but not sure what guys think of pink color :). It is not particularly small but has a vertical design and will not occupy a lot of space and with its foldable design, it can be moved easily and conveniently for storage.
You won’t get it completely assembled but takes just minutes to put together with the easy to understand instructions in the user manual. It is designed for burning calories and fat and keeping you lean and toned with stronger muscles and yes unlike many of such home gym units this one actually helps build muscles- especially your legs and butts as it is quite like doing squats for the whole body. You may have probably seen one of these tall and slim vertical climbers at your local gym.
And they really help burn calories big time as they mimic climbing a steep mountain or wall and you only need to spend a few minutes on it and 10-20 reps each minute every day to see results. It will tone your whole body and increase your aerobic capacity and will make you feel good both physically and mentally as it is really a tough form of workout, so you will not really want to watch TV while you’re using it. And although this is a tough form of exercise, it will not put much of a burden on your joints so can be considered as a low impact workout. Just make sure you’re fit enough to start exercising on a vertical climber, start slowly and build gradually every day.