Ancheer W4098 and S9100 Folding Treadmills Review

Ancheer W4098 and S9100 Folding Treadmills

Ziema Sports Ancheer Folding Treadmill W4098

Ancheer W4098 by Ziema Sports is a high-end gym quality folding treadmill with wireless connectivity and the smart Bluetooth G-Fit app control that becomes a bit like your own personal trainer and that lets you customise your training plan. The app will also monitor and optimise your physical well-being.

On the product page, you have the second S5100 “App Controll” option on which costs significantly higher and includes even better features. This more expensive S5100 model has a 5 horsepower motor (13 hp of App Control model), 440-pound user weight capacity (vs. 247 lb), a max speed of 12 mph (vs. 8.6mph), 22 inch wide belt (vs.18 inches), 360-degree universal roller, a 15.6-inch super large screen (vs. 7-inch) and more.

The treadmill belt- running area on the W4098 measures 18 x 48.4 inches, which is more than sufficient for people of different sizes. It includes the running belt adjuster by which you can move the belt to the left and right, shock absorbing wheels and transport wheels at the front. It measures 61.8 x 27.6 x 54.0 inches as assembled and 39.0 x 27.6 x 54 inches as folded. It shouldn’t normally take more than half an hour to an hour to put together.

The Anchor W4098 has the 4 zone Cushion-Flex cushioning- damping system with the silica gel shock absorber that helps protect your joints, decreasing impact on your shins, hamstrings, and glutes. The running belt has a total of five layers from bottomAncheer S5100 Ziema Treadmill to top: Anti-slip layer, strengthening layer, shock absorption layer, silencer layer and the support layer.

The maximum speed you can run at is 8.6 mph but you will see kph on its 7-inch web-enabled LCD display. The speed range is between 1.0 and 14 km per hour. There are two manual incline levels of 3% and 5% which is indicated on the LCD display as well and you will be burning more calories with higher incline levels.

Ancheer Treadmill is a stable and durable product and the maximum user weight is specified as 242 pounds. It has a 1.75 horsepower DC motor drive system which gives it quite is quite powerful and stable but delicate, low-noise and consumes less power than average. You can have people sleeping in the house and you can run on your treadmill at the same time without disturbing them or your neighbors downstairs.

You will see your speed, calories, time, distance and your heart rate on its 5-inch LCD backlit display. The properly marked buttons and the display are easy to read and control. To get a readout of your pulse rate, you can simply put your thumb on the hand grip and see if you are in your target zone. It also has the good quality speakers that you can connect your mp3 player or iPod too.

You can lift the belt towards the display panel with the safe and convenient soft-drop folding mechanism and move it on the transport wheels easily. It is not hard to maintain as all you need to do is adding treadmill lubricating oil into the black slot allocated (easy self-lubrication). It gives you a good number of options for walking, jogging and running and includes twelve preset programs that seem to be pretty challenging especially for a beginner.

Ziema Folding Treadmill W4098 Display Panel

To use the wireless connection and Bluetooth G-Fit app, you need to scan the QR code at the treadmill display, download the G-Fit app on your phone, turn on the Bluetooth connectivity on your smartphone and connect it to the treadmill. It has a variety of features like telling you when it is time to work out, recording running history, training plan auto-generation according to your weight, height and heart rate, setting a personal training plan, getting your health report and more.

Ancheer W4098 is a US stock product and will be shipped quickly via Warranty offered is three years for the motor, two years for the frame along with decent customer service. It is a very well constructed and good quality machine that is easy to use with a lot of user-friendly features and at a very reasonable price on Amazon. Please note that the Bluetooth app works both on Android and iOS systems but this is optional and you can use the treadmill without the app.

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