Body Power Multi-purpose Adjustable Fitness Weight Bench Review

Body Power Multi-purpose Adjustable Weight Bench

Body Power Multi-purpose Adjustable Fitness Weight Bench

Body Power Multi-purpose FID Weight Bench can be used at three different angles of flat, incline and decline with the back and seat easily adjustable. It would make a very nice addition to any home gym and is suitable for use in power racks, cages and Smith machines.

To use it with other machines it is best that you check the dimensions of both products. It is a lightweight and a fairly portable weight bench, includes a handle grip just below the seat and transport wheels at the rear. So you can easily maneuver it in and out of the cages or push it out of the way for storing it somewhere convenient. This is good especially if you don’t have much space in your living room- where you work out.

Both the seat and the back cushion have thick padding for your comfort over your long weight lifting sessions. You can adjust the backrest to six levels and the seat to three levels to be able to target different parts of your body. And you can go from upright military position to decline, performing a variety of exercises. Both the seat and the backrest have an ergonomic design and are very comfortable with the pebble-leather finish with bonded foam that is also guaranteed to last longer.

Body Power Multi-purpose Adjustable Weight Bench

Despite being lightweight and easy to move around, it feels very stable and secure when you’re on it. If you’re serious about your workout, you can’t really have a home gym without a functional weight bench that can be used at different angles. Whether you want to get your first bench for your home gym or you want to upgrade your old one, the Body Power FID Bench would be worth having a look, considering its high price-performance ratio.

It is not just for working on your chest muscles either, as there are a variety of exercises you can do for your shoulders, back, triceps, biceps, and abdominals. You can use it in combination with other fitness machines, and by using both dumbbells and barbells as well as your body weight. So it will help you get your full body workout without having to leave the comfort of your house.

It requires assembly when it arrives at your address but you should be able to put it together in under an hour on your own. The assembly tools and easy to follow manual are included in the box. Customers’ average rating is 4.1 out 5 on the day of the review on this page. But because this is a fairly new release fitness product there aren’t that many reviews online. It is priced reasonably for quite a solid and durable weight bench with a 650-pound maximum user weight capacity, despite being lightweight. It does the job well, is lightweight and easy to move around, has a robust construction, and comes with adjustable seat and backrest.

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