Emer XJ-F-19 Portable Vibration Platform Review

Emer XJ-F-19 Portable Vibration Platform 


EMER XJ-F-19 is a compact and portable vibration platform with a 200-watt power motor and 20 levels of speed up to 3600rpm. It has an ergonomic streamline design, looks good in all black, is made of solid plastic and rubber and comes with rubber bands. You’ll see a small LCD panel that shows speed, time and fat scan, with small buttons on the side, with speed and settings adjustable manually and automatically via the remote control provided so you don’t need to sit down to reach the panel to change settings. The platform’s surface is premium anti-slip rubber mat and includes four suction cups for stability at the bottom, so the unit will stay put even when you’re using it at the highest speed. There is also the disturbance and static electricity resistance as well as the current overload protection for security. You may also use the attached yoga straps to let it work on your shoulders, chest and arms- upper body muscles but it is just an additional feature and I wouldn’t expect too much from these straps. But the unit overall would make a nice addition to your home gym if you want to get the workout you need, in only ten minutes a day.


Black EMERXJ-F-19 weighs just over 40 pounds with a max total weight capacity of 264 pounds and measures 23.2 x 15.7 x 6.3 inches and foot measurements of 18.5 x 13 inches- so both compact and lightweight and you can lift and move it easily for storage or you can move it between your house and office. The reasons for using such vibration platforms are burning calories and fat, relaxing your muscles, massaging your whole body and releasing stress and fatigue, enhancing blood circulation and improving your balance. Other health benefits include soothing insomnia, improving digestion, increasing your basal metabolism, enhancing intestinal movement, activating joints and releasing arthritis pain and removing body toxins. According to manufacturers, the vibrations per second cause contraction in your muscles, giving you a proper intense workout session and it works fairly quietly and smoothly. We’re not sure how beneficial vibration platforms would be unless you work out regularly or keep active and eat healthy. Please ask your health care provider prior to using a vibration plate if you have a relevant health condition that may be made worse by using this. Emer Fitness focuses on manufacturing great quality fitness products to meet customers’ needs, that pass different quality control standards and hold certifications in the field.

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