D Dr. Health Balance Vibration Platform Review

D Dr. Health Balance Vibration Platform

d dr health vibration plate

Black and orange D Dr. Health Balance Vibration Platform is one of the latest- hot new release vibration units on Amazon.com. It is a powerful vibration platform with two types of vibration, 99 different speed settings offered by double motors of 2 x 500 watts despite its compact size.

These two vibration types offered by D Dr.Health is L mode- linear, side to side (from left to right) and H mode- triangle oscillation (left up and right down). It has a decent remote controller that includes all the functions of the display panel. The vibration plate is safe to use and offers certain fitness, health and massage benefits if you use it ten minutes a day and three times a week- according to the manufacturer. You will feel the strong vibrations working all over your body- from your hands to feet, organ to the skin.

To get the results you want or need, you do need to eat healthy as well and even better if you follow a regular workout routine. Despite being compact with the dimensions of 31.9 x 17.7 x 6.7 inches, it is not really lightweight- weighs 40 pounds. It is heavier than competitors but also feels stable, robust and safe. But it can be moved and relocated on its orange movable wheel underneath. The display panel is more elaborate than the other vibration platforms we have seen so far. And you will see the Time- and Time+, Speed- and Speed+, Prev, Next, Start/Stop, Volume- and Volume+, Program and Mode buttons.

dr health vibration platform

It includes 8 preset programs that you can select and you can use it in different positions, to work different parts of your body. You will find the different postures displayed on the platform. On the side of the platform, you will see the Power button, MP3 and Switch On and Off. In the original factory box, you’ll find a user manual, a power cord, a remote controller and two exercise bands for you to work your upper body muscles.

You’ll find three different L modes of L1, L2 and L3 and three H modes of H1, H2, and H3. First, you need to press the Start button then press M, rather than adjusting the speed through Speed + and -. You need to press M button to select H or L and choose H1-3 or L1-3 by pressing the P1-3. Then you just press the ON button so the automatic program works. You don’t have the option to change the speed and time when you’re on a preset program. And the time is set to 10 minutes in the Auto mode.

It runs quietly without much noise and all you’ll hear is the sound of the vibrations. Please do not use it straight after eating (just like with any exercise program). It is a good idea to not let your small kids and pets near this unit when it is on. Please turn it off prior to unplugging the power cord. If you encounter any issues with anything, they seem to offer a decent customer support. It is designed to help with enhanced blood circulation, bone density, and the strengthening of muscles. The effect will be like walking if you step in the middle, jogging if legs a little wider and running if both feet near the edges and these are displayed on the platform. Good value product!

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