Marcy Diamond Olympic Bench MD-879 Review

Marcy Diamond Olympic Bench, MD-879


Black Marcy Diamond MD-879 is a very popular, independent and multifunctional / all-in-one Olympic style FID utility bench that is built solid and sturdy (heavy duty steel construction) for home gym use, to help you lose calories and fat while increasing your metabolism, build, tone and maintain lean muscles and improve your total body strength. With five different positions, it can be used at different angles of decline, flat and incline as the back pad is totally adjustable and you can do your chest presses at varying angles of flat, incline and decline. It allows you to do both the lunge and walk-in squat type exercises thanks to its convenient two piece design and includes barbell crutches that are easily adjustable for height and that can have 7 ft. Olympic size barbell and weight plates.

It also comes with a preacher curl bicep pad including a detachable bicep curl bar (detachable with a knob lock) for extended bicep curls to help build and tone your biceps, as well as a decent dual function leg developer underneath at the front (also removable) which aligns with your knee joints, for glutes, quads and hamstrings. You may use the vertical bar support for things like lunges and squats and the main bench as a utility bench for your abs, biceps, lower legs and adjust it to different decline, flat and incline angles for chest press exercises. It is kind of hidden but this bench comes with a decent built-in lower leg workout attachment including thick and comfy contoured foam roller pads for you to get a proper leg workout. There is even an integrated weight post for you to keep your weight plates organised. Marcy Diamond is made of steel, foam, vinyl and rubber, built quite heavy duty but compact in size as it measures 51.3 x 22.3 x 8.3 inches, weighs 102 pounds, weight capacity including the user is 600 lbs, while the barbell crutches measure 65.75 x 65.50 x 64.50 inches and they can hold a maximum weight of 300 lbs.


It is imported and being American stock, will be shipped rather quickly. It is all rather straightforward to assemble with the instructions and allen wrenches included and you won’t even need someone else helping you. And once you put it together and start using it, you’ll realise how solid and nice it feels, just like those benches at your gym, but remember this is still for home use and not commercial. There is an instructions manual for putting it together and nothing for exercises, but you can do a search on Google and you’ll come up with quite a few exercises you can do on this Olympic bench. You do need 7 ft Olympic bars on this and not shorter, or the bar will be sitting on the weight racks and you may want to be careful when putting weights on as it may feel slightly unstable when very high. This is a very sturdy, reliable, easy to assemble, easy to relocate, multi-functional bench at a low cost and you can easily expect to pay twice for something like this. And unless you are an advanced weight lifter this seems to offer great value for money. Impex Fitness, established in 1980, is the name of the company that owns the Marcy brand, that specialises in home fitness equipment for the whole family, and you may also be familiar with their Hers, Competitor, Easy Outdoor and Gym Dandy brands.

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