FlyBird Multi-Purpose FID Weight Bench Review

FlyBird Multi-Purpose FID Weight Bench

FlyBird Adjustable Weight Bench

Black FlyBird Multi-Purpose is an FID weight bench that is foldable and adjustable to different angles in flat, incline and decline positions. So you can get a great full body workout, targeting different major and smaller muscles from different angles in the comfort of your home.

It is a very popular product with a rating of 5 out of 5 stars by a total of 23 customers at the moment of this product review. As a versatile bench you can adjust the seat to three angles and the back to 7 different positions, including the two declines and a flat angle. There are more than ten major exercises you can do on this bench, including bench press, decline sit-up, gluten-free thrust and split squat.

You will only need to do simple assembly work when you get it shipped to your address, with the straightforward instructions and tools included in the box. But you should use a socket wrench to tighten the nuts properly so that the bench doesn’t feel wobbly during your workout. The foam pad is quite dense and thick and will stabilize your body nicely and you’ll be much less likely to experience muscle fatigue.

FlyBird Utility Bench weighs 26.5 pounds, and is a good quality utility weight bench with 1.5mm thick heavy-duty commercial steel support pipe. You can feel safe and stable on it when you’re lifting your weights or performing other exercises with your body weight.  The seat is 13.8 inches wide FlyBird Adjustable Utlilty Weight Benchand 44.5 inches off the floor, and the back is 10.2 inches and the whole thing measures 44.5 x 49.2 x 15.7 inches as assembled. It is certainly a good size bench for a standard home gym with its small footprint.

With the folding design (measures 30.3 x 16 x 9 inches as folded) it is easy to move around, store it under your bed, in the closet or put it against a wall. It has a maximum total weight capacity of 550 pounds including the user weight, so an average person can probably lift up to around 350 pounds of weight. There is a removable leg support of anti-slip foam when you’re especially doing your decline presses or other decline, flat or incline exercises.

FlyBird Weight Bench can be used for your ab workout at the end of your weights training session, using your own body weight. It feels quite safe and stable when you’re doing your decline barbell bench presses. This is a good quality, sturdy and versatile, adjustable and foldable weight bench that offers great quality / price ratio. It is a very decent bench with a simplistic design for home use by beginner to advanced users. FlyBird FID Bench is offered with a warranty of one year for the frame and one month for the dense foam padding and the soft leather surface, along with a hundred percent satisfaction and money back guarantee.

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