Gasky Water Rowing Machine Oak Wooden Rower with LCD Monitor Review

Gasky Water Rowing Machine Oak Wooden Rower

Gasky Water Rowing Machine

Gasky Water Rowing Machine is made of real solid oak wood and comes with an LCD display. It is an indoor home gym cardiovascular equipment with water resistance that will offer a nice whole body workout and will help you burn calories, lose weight and tone muscles. Rowing exercise overall is also reported to improve your balance and flexibility.

The frame on this water rower is made of oak and aluminum alloy and can carry a maximum total user weight of 286 pounds or 130kg. It weighs 70.4 pounds, measures 83.39 x 20.39 x 20.47 inches as unfolded and 28.98 x 20.39 x 47.24 inches as folded. It has a very long- 40 inch slide rail and a good size 18 liter capacity water reservoir that offers strong resistance for letting users at different fitness levels to row comfortably. The real oak wood on this water rower will help enhance the decor wherever you put it. And it is quite robust with a heavy duty aluminum alloy on the rail track.

This Gasky Rower is designed like a professional unit to offer you a real life rowing experience. It works very smoothly and quietly except for the light, relaxing water sound that will not disturb you or people around you. The noise level is specified as less than 65 decibels and you can row comfortably whenever you want, even at night when people in the house or your neighbors are sleeping. The handle of the rower is thick, nicely padded and offers a nice grip, the U-shaped seat is comfortable for longer sessions and the footplates are adjustable and have the straps. There are two transport wheels under this conveniently foldable rowing machine and you can move it and store it away easily in a convenient spot.

Gasky Water Rowing Machine offers a nice and comfy whole body workout that gets to all the major muscles in your body. And this is without putting much burden on your knees, ankles, hips etc., offering you a low impact workout. It will help activate about 84% of the muscles, so not just your back but also your different leg muscles, arms- triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest and core section. There is an LCD display that shows the caloriesGasky Water Rower Large Monitor burned, time exercised, distance traveled, count, total count and scan. You can adjust the angle height of this LCD display depending on your height. It is easy to assemble in just a few steps by following the instructions.

This water rower will work for you whether you are at a beginner, intermediate or advanced training level. The resistance level is adjusted by the water level in the tank. You can use it for calorie and fat burning cardio sessions or proper strength building at the higher resistance levels. It has the non-slip rubber feet underneath to keep you stable during your workout session. There is also a tablet holder where you can place your iPad or smartphone for being entertained during your session. For keeping the water clean there are disinfectant pills that you put in. Please note that the blades inside the water tank are made of rubber. February 27, 2021 is the first release date at and there are two customer ratings at the moment, both of which are 5 stars.

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