Goplus 2500W Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Crazy Fit Fitness Machine Review

Goplus 2500W Slim Full Body Vibration Platform

Goplus 2500W Slim Full Body Vibration Platform

Black BodyShaper GoPlus 2500 Slim (Crazy Fit) is the brand new release vibration platform for your whole body- strong massage and fitness. It has a beautiful streamline design that is also ergonomic, so they built it in a way that doesn’t harm your experience.

With its powerful 1.5 horsepower 2500 watt power motor (110V, 60Hz, and 0-10MM amplitude), it offers a total of 99 different speeds for varying levels of vibration intensity, from very light to very intense. It has a large console at the front that is easy to operate, with three small window LCD displays for Auto Mode/BMI, Timer and Speed Level and the buttons for On/Off, Start, Auto/BMI, Time, Speed + and Speed -.

BMI is the abbreviation for Body Mass Index and basically, shows your body fat percentage. You have the manual program for you to customize the settings, three auto programs, and Fat Testing function. It is designed to help shape your body with the intense vibrations that cause your heart rate to increase and burn calories faster and strengthen and tone different muscles. And you should be OK with up to about ten minutes per day. So 10 minutes on this unit is equal to jogging approximately for an hour. This vibration platform will massage your whole body, help enhance the blood circulation, increase your coordination and flexibility.

Goplus 2500 Slim Full Body Vibration Plate

It is also quite relaxing with the whole body massage it offers and is great after a long day at work or a hard workout at the gym. For those that doubt this lazy method of burning fat and getting in shape, this method is claimed to be used for astronauts to help get the unwanted strain and stress off their bodies and strengthening their muscles, so they are better prepared for being in space.

You may have already seen one of these at your local gym too and yes it works, but will really depend on how good your eating habits are. And it is much better if you use this as an addition to your regular conventional fitness routine, then you can expect the results to be really good.  It has a solid steel frame that will make you feel stable and safe when you’re exercising. There are stabilizers under the platform base and stays balanced on the floor. The “Current Overload Protection” is an extra security measure so you can have a peace of mind.

GoPlus 2500 weighs 85 pounds, has a total weight capacity of 330 pounds and measures 48H x 30W x 28D inches and the plate you step on is pretty good size. It is a fairly heavy product and may be hard to lift on your own, but includes two solid transport wheels so you can move it without much effort. It comes with two elastic bands with handles that you see in the product photos, so you can work on your upper body muscles better. To sum up, overall this vibration platform works very well, looks nice and modern, is sturdy and durable- built to last and is offered at a reasonable price.

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