Goplus Indoor Air Walker Glider Fitness Exercise Machine Review

Goplus Indoor Air Walker Glider via Amazon

Goplus Indoor Air Walker Glider Fitness Exercise Machine Workout Trainer Gym

Goplus Indoor Air Walker Glider is a nice and new, great quality with a premium look and feel yet very low priced workout machine with a solid and sturdy steel frame to make it last longer. It has an LCD control panel that shows the distance traveled, calories burned, time and count and as it seems to already offer quite a bit for the money, there is no pulse rate sensors on handles. As an effective low impact workout unit, it is designed for burning calories, losing weight, boosting your energy, improving cardiovascular endurance, toning up and even improving your mood. Silver Goplus Air Walker measures 52.4 x 28 x 41.7 inches and is capable of carrying a max user weight of 300 pounds. It will not take up a lot of space in your living room but can also be stored and transported easily as it has a convenient foldable design (dimensions of 64.2 x 28 x 9 inches) and is not very heavy- can be lifted by one person and this is definitely a less bulky unit than a treadmill or an elliptical trainer and costs less. The bottom part, pedals and handles are covered with ABS to make them more comfortable. It includes anti-slip foot platforms underneath for additional stability.

Goplus Indoor Air Walker Glider Fitness Exercise Machine

Like other air walkers, the Goplus Air Walker Glider resembles an elliptical trainer, the way it simulates a smooth jogging or walking movement with large and comfy pedals. It is not the kind of exercise equipment by which you can customise your workout or change things around but you will still get some great benefits from it as it will target your arms with its ski poles that you pull and push as well as your legs obviously and you will even be working your abs when you stay in an upright position throughout your exercise. Low impact means there won’t be any strain on your joints and with the way you move smoothly on its pedals without hitting the ground, it becomes even lower impact. You will get the Air Walker Glider and an Instruction Manual in the package, it doesn’t come pre-installed and instructions are provided in the manual but is rather easy to install- only simple assembly is required. It is certainly a great quality product with comfort, functionality and sturdy build at a very affordable price.

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