Reebok Les Mills Smartstep Aerobic Step HHBA-REMILLS Review

Reebok Les Mills Smartstep Aerobic Step via Amazon

Reebok Les Mills Smartstep Aerobic Step

Reebok Les Mills Smartstep (HHBA-REMILLS) is for those customers that are seeking a high quality and innovative product- two main features that are known to be present in all Reebok and Les Mills products. You may use the solid deck with the risers or without and is designed for use in very intense interval training type exercises. It is made up of a deck and two risers to have a bit more flexibility and challenge and comes with the 30 minute Les Mills Grit workout DVD and workout calendar so you can develop and draw up your workout plan. Very intense interval training implies short sessions of rather intense workout followed by recovery periods, this way you will burn calories even after many hours after your exercise session. Reebok Les Mills Smartstep looks quite stylish, is built very sturdy to endure even the busiest group classes (strictly tested for wear and tear), weighs 16.5 pounds, has the measurements of 42 x 17 x 4 inches- saves on space by also stacking nicely and can carry a maximum user weight of 110kg or 242.5 pounds. It has a modern attractive look and a sturdy design so you can have all the very tough workouts you want on it every day and you may increase your workout intensity by just using it on an incline. You will be releasing your muscle fibres, improving your fitness level and growing lean muscles over time- gradually.

Reebok Les Mills Aerobic Step

It has a large anti-slip surface of 42 x 17 inches and very stable as a whole including the surface, is very convenient for full-on workouts and you can add or remove the riser easily with the riser lock in system (4 inch high without and 6 inch with the riser). All you do is put the riser underneath the deck- lining up with both end and apply pressure, this way they will be temporarily and securely attached. If you think you will need additional risers you can always get them as part of an upgrade kit available on the market which includes the Bodystep Athletic Workout DVD, two risers, a 2.5kg Les Mills Rubber Weight Smartplate. The rubber feet underneath help decrease the strain on your legs and act as sort of a shock-absorber. Reebok and Les Mills are partners in the creation of this great practical unit that is designed to strengthen, tone and tighten your muscles with a variety of step-based workouts. It is not very cheap but again you get what you pay for: Quality, durability, great design, flexibility and functionality and would make a great piece of home gym equipment for toning your muscles, cardio training and more in the comfort of your home but it sure is durable enough to be used at the gyms or in group fitness studios.

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