Health Gear Easy Walk Manual Treadmill with Pulse, MT2000 Review

wwHealth Gear Easy Walk Manual Treadmill 


Health Gear Easy Walk MT2000 is a recent release, low cost and compact manual treadmill with twin precision balance flywheels for quieter and smoother operation, a large LCD display that indicates the calories, distance, time, speed, scan that scans through all indicators, ODOmeter for the total distance since the assembly and pulse rate via the heart rate sensors on the large foam covered handles. It is suitable for beginner or intermediate level people that want to exercise for staying in shape, losing weight, toning lower body muscles or strengthening legs, buttocks, and core section whenever they want, without having to leave the comfort and privacy of their home. It is easy to set up due to its simplistic design without too many parts, but should not take more than half an hour. Health Gear Treadmill weighs 48.4 pounds with dimensions of 24 x 7 x 7 inches- has a space saving, but also a practical foldable design with transportation wheels so you can put it away in a good corner of your room easily. As a durable unit that is built to last a long time, it can have a maximum user weight of 275 pounds (tested for up to 275lbs), which is like the majority of the adult population.

health-gear-easy-walk-manual-treadmillFoam padded handles are large for both your security and comfort and the self-centering, reinforced and textured belt on this unit is anti-slip, is also nicely padded and should not be a burden on your joints when you’re walking or jogging. But we can’t really consider any kind of treadmill as a low-impact workout machine and this being more budget priced, you will need to wear proper shoes when exercising. It is easy to operate and you can use it every day and it won’t need much maintenance as long as you’re not too hard on it. Good thing about it is you choose your own speed, you can walk at a slow speed or go very fast as your legs will power the treadmill, which also means you don’t have to put the treadmill next to a power outlet, and you can get on and off it whenever you want, without having any security concerns. You will be able to control your stride and pace with the two incline levels that you can adjust manually.Batteries are included for the display panel and you will find an integrated holder in the monitor console so you can put your mobile phone, MP3 player or any of your small items. Although this is a low priced manual treadmill, it seems to run very smoothly thanks to the precision balanced dual flywheels. Overall this is a decent value product!

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