HI-MAT Adjustable Multi-Function Power Tower Review

HI-MAT Adjustable Multi-Function Power Tower 

HI-MAT Adjustable Power Tower Station

HI-MAT Adjustable Power Tower (1) is a budget priced hot new release multi-function fitness equipment with a sturdy construction and a steel frame that can carry up to a total weight of 550 pounds. There are two other power towers on offer on the same product page at Amazon.com, Power Tower 2 and 3.

These gym strength training multi-functional fitness units work as  push up bars, pull up bars, dip stations for home use. Although the Power Tower 1 and 2 are both sturdy and durable units made of very good quality oblate strengthened steel frames, the Power Tower 3 appears to be more suitable for use at the commercial gym settings by lots of people every day. The third model has an impressive total weight capacity of 1100 pounds. And the second power tower is good for 330 pounds of total weight.

There are 4 anti-slip feet at the bottom and different style bases to help keep you safe and stable during your workout. The grips on each handle are anti-slip and also help you stay safe and comfortable. HI-MAT Power Tower 1 measures 30.7L x 42.5W x 84.7H inches with the back cushion of 10.2” x 17.9” x 2” and each arm cushion measuring 11.8″x 4.7″x 2.0”. The height can be conveniently adjusted between 64.6 and 84.7 inches for different exercises and to accommodate people at different heights. You can do a variety of exercises including dips, vertical knee raises, push-ups, pull-ups and more, to work on your chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, abs and legs.

The Power Tower 2 weighs 56.2 pounds and measures 47.2″(L) x 30.7″(W) x 61″to 96.5″(H) with its height adjustable between 61’’ to 96.5’’ in five intervals. Power Tower 3 with the U-style base weighs 77.1 pounds and has the dimensions of 41″(L)x 40.5″(W)x 81.9”(H). The arm cushion on this model is removable and the height can be adjusted to HI-MAT Adjustable Power Tower 311 levels. You can adjust the dumbbell stands but not the top pull up bar on this Power Tower 3. Removable dumbbell stands make it possible to use with your weight bars and a bench. The power towers can be used outdoors, but you shouldn’t expose them to the rain.

Hi-Mat is a fitness company that develops and manufactures professional grade fitness equipment. They have high quality products that go through optimization and updates, and their research team focuses on detail and build quality. All three models are easy to assemble with the instructions and the tools included in the package. If you see that some parts you need are missing you can contact the seller and they will send you those missing parts. The security locknut helps keep the screw tightened, so that the nut doesn’t fall off in case of sudden impact or vibrations. Hi-Mat Customer Support is also reported to be very good and responsive in case of any questions or problems you may have. So we don’t hesitate to recommend these power towers by Hi-Mat.

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