LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate with Triple Motors Review

LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate with Triple Motors

LifePro 4D Vibration Plate Triple Motor OscillationLifePro 4D Vibration Plate Triple Motor Oscillation

LifePro Rumblex is a 4D Vibration Platform for home use with three motors for oscillation, pulsation and linear with three dimensional and four dimensional motion for your whole body. It is designed to help you burn calories and fat, lose weight, tone your muscles and shape your body- keep a lean physique and feel good overall.

Being a very recent release vibration platform it is rated 5 out of 5 stars by two customers. The price is not particularly low but for the robust and durable build quality, a variety of features, a premium look and feel, customer support and lifetime warranty, you’re offered quite decent value for money. The three integrated motors (200W + 40W + 200W  and 5-40Hz) offer 7 different motion patterns to achieve a variety of exercise combinations for double the results in the same amount of time and in a passive manner without putting that much effort in.

But in our experience, even though vibration platforms seem to work, they are best used as part of a daily fitness routine and a healthy eating plan overall. The way the LifePro Rumblex works is it gets your muscles to contract 50 times more than normal without a full-on workout session, activating and stimulating your muscles. It helps increase bone density, increase metabolism for quicker fat loss, enhance blood circulation, increase serotonin and decrease cortisol, increase stability and flexibility, relieve joint and muscles aches and back pain, help you burn calories and tighten your muscles without having to leave the comfort of your home.

It may be particularly beneficial for people with arthritis and osteoporosis. The Rumblex Vibration Platform comes with the convenient mini resistance loop bands for stretching, strengthening and toning your upper body and rehabilitating injury. It is a convenient and affordable way of working out at home. With your purchase LifePro 4D Vibration Plate Triple Motor OscillationLifePro 4D Vibration Plate Triple Motor Featuresyou’ll get a user manual, several fitness e-books and instruction videos online. You can even have live chats with their in-house certified fitness professionals with access to their online exclusive members-only group.

LifePro products are very good quality overall with durable construction and are offered with an impressive hassle-free lifetime warranty. This means you’ll be sent another vibration plate in case of any problems without any extra charge to you. LifePro Rumblex is also backed up by some of the best customer support available out there and you can contact them for whatever questions you may have. It weighs 48.4 pounds and measures 31.1 x 18.1 x 7.3 inches. You can slide it easily on its transport wheels on the side once you’re done with your daily workout.

It comes with a multifunctional wearable remote control with workout time, vibration type, intensity and auto programs. It even includes a built-in Bluetooth speaker that you can hook up any Bluetooth enabled device in just a matter of seconds and listen to music while you work out and burn fat. So you have the 7 movement functions and 30 levels of workout from 1 to 30, easy to challenging. And you end up with so many workout options. The lights blink with the beat and colors change as you move up the levels. You can program your workout on the sleek touch display without even holding the remote control as it is wearable. You can listen to the fitness coach or watch the videos through the Bluetooth speakers. It is easy to operate and the instructions are well written. Some customers report a sense of well-being, feeling more energetic and calm at the same time after daily use for a week or two.

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