Micyox Oak Hardwood Rowing Machine Rower w/ Water Resistance Flywheel, QM-3019 Review

Micyox Oak Hardwood Rower w/ Water Resistance

Micyox Rowing Machine LCD Display

Micyox QM-3019 is a premium solid oak natural hand-made hardwood rowing machine brushed with walnut stain, water resistance flywheel and LCD-backlit performance monitor and workout mat. August 1, 2021 is the date it first became available at Amazon.com and the average user rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 11 users at the time of this product review, which shows great customer satisfaction.

The color consistency on this solid Micyox wood water rower is achieved by the walnut stain brushing and smooth polishing on the good quality solid oak hardwood while maintaining the wood’s grain. It comes with the double rails, pedals that are adjustable for height and a molded soft seat with an ergonomic design. The bearings are found underneath the seat and it moves quite smoothly without making any noise. And you have the safety, stability and comfort especially during your longer rowing sessions.

The black walnut Micyow Rowing Machine comes with a water resistance flywheel for offering you a realistic rowing experience like in a lake or river with also the whooshing sound of water from the tank. It runs very quietly with just the relaxing water sound. It can actually relax your mind when you’re rowing with the special movement rhtm and the warmth you’ll feel from the oak hardwood. You will not  feel any jarring or jerkiness that you may get on conventional rowers, but more of an even and smooth feel consistently, each time you row.

Rowing as a type of exercise gets around 80% of your muscles in your body involved, including your lower body, core section and upper body. It is intense enough but not too intense with its smooth and fluid movements. And there will not be much of a burden on your joints, ankles, knees, hips and lower back. This low impact form of training burns quite a bit of calories, up to 800 per hour which is more than some of the other cardiovascular machines that you may be familiar with. The resistance level is adjusted by how much water you put in the water tank and how hard or fast you pull the handle.

Micyox Rowing Machine Rower

The multifunctional LCD-backlit monitor shows you the workout indicators like distance traveled, stroke rate, workout duration, current speed and energy consumption and monitor your training status to achieve the results you want. It measures 82.3L x 19.3 x 12.6 inches It is tested and works for both shorter and taller people even if they are 6’5″ tall and the total user weight capacity is 330 pounds. Micyox Oakwood Water Rower is usually shipped swiftly via Amazon.com, with the package weighing 75 pounds and measuring 28.7 x 22.8 x 20.1 inches. Please note that the color that you see in the photo and in real life is the same.

It comes with a good quality gym mat for helping to prevent noise and to protect your floors. It includes the transportation wheels at the front below the monitor and you can relocate it easily within your house. Zhejiang Qianming Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. in China is the manufacturer of this decent hardwood rowing machine with water resistance. You can assemble it in just half an hour or so by following the instructions and using the simple tools included. As a proof of its great quality and for you to have a peace of mind you get a lifetime warranty as well as one month free return guarante with the shipping costs covered by the seller. Customer support team can be contacted by any questions you may have. It is a full size wood water rower with a premium look and feel, robust and durable construction at not a very high price.

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