New MTN 1100W Motor Electric Portable Folding Running and Walking Treadmill Review

New MTN 1100W Electric Treadmill via Amazon

New MTN LCD Electric Portable Motorized Folding Running Machine Treadmill 1100W

The new black MTN is a brand new budget motorised electric walking and running treadmill with a powerful 1100 watt motor (needs 110V of voltage and 60Hz frequency to operate). It has a clear and bright multifunctional LCD panel that shows the scan, speed, calories, distance and time conveniently so you can monitor your exercise progress and has on/off, mode, set, pause, start/stop, prog (it has a total of 8 pre-set workouts) and speed- and speed+ buttons underneath. Although the motor is a decent high wattage one at 1100 watts, it runs quietly (very low noise motor so you won’t disturb people in your house or your neighbours) and consumes little electricity (reduced energy consumption). It looks sleek and stylish, has a simple design and doesn’t have that cheap feel partly thanks to its sturdy heavy duty construction, can carry people that weigh up to 300 pounds, shipping weight is 53 pounds and has the dimensions of 47 x 24 x 46.5 inches with a 39.75 x 13.5 inch size runway with a PVC running belt. MTN will fit in a tighter space being a fairly compact treadmill and despite being a solid heavy duty unit it can be folded manually and effortlessly and easily to be wheeled away and stored in a more hidden spot (folded dimensions are 50 x 24 x 19 inches).

New MTN LCD Electric Portable Motorized Folding Treadmill 1100W

MTN Treadmill has comfortable foam covered handles that can also come in handy for safety purposes and in case of emergency when you wish to stop the unit you can reach the red safety switch very easily. So if you don’t have a lot of time to get to gym or don’t want to go outdoors in bad weather this can be a decent fitness equipment for your daily cardiovascular workout (as a single unit to have or can be made a part of your home gym) to burn off calories, lose fat and weight and stay in shape combined with a healthy diet and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money as this is not an expensive piece of equipment- is a great electric treadmill at a great price. In the package you will get the main treadmill, user guide and the power line and is very easy to put together with only a few screws and to operate. As a small drawback it has a slight, fixed incline that can not be adjusted so bear that in mind if it will be an issue (mostly shouldn’t be). Like with any treadmill it may be wise to plug it in and turn it on to see if it works before assembling things but although this is a relatively basic treadmill it has a powerful motor and solid build quality, does the job quite nicely and is suitable for use every day probably by not very tall or big build people due to the size of the running belt but the 300 pound max user weight capacity is pretty good.

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