Pull Up Mate 2017 Portable Pull-up Bar and Dip Station with Storage Bag Review

Pull Up Mate Portable Pull-up Bar & Dip Station  

pull up mate with storage bag

The latest 2017 model Pull Up Mate has a wider and taller new upgraded base and a very stable structure overall than before. It is a portable and freestanding, all-in-one fitness equipment that includes a dip station and a pull-up bar. It can make a nice addition to your workout routine at your home gym.

As the Pull Up Mate is a very versatile and multi-functional product, you can work on your whole body with hundreds of bodyweight/calisthenics exercise options now as well as using it for functional and circuit training. These exercises include knee raises, chin-ups, tricep dips, inverted row, leg raises, pull-ups, archer pull ups, push ups, muscle ups and more. You can also use the base as support for other great exercises.

The version we’re reviewing on this page includes a solid and durable storage bag that lets you pack the unit away till next time and a complimentary pull-up mate shaker. It is both lightweight, portable and simple to assemble and you can basically put it together in just a few minutes. It offers you a great way to work out in the comfort of your home and is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

As a fairly stable unit, the maximum user weight it can have is around 243 pounds or 110 kg. It weighs 41.9 pounds and measures 78.74 x 46 x 44.5 inches as assembled and the height can be adjusted between Pull up mate Portable Pull Up Bar and Dip Station51.18  and 78.74 inches. The distance or gap between the inner bars is 35.43 inches- 90cm.

The comments on the wide gap and the slight shakiness are for the previous model. One of them claim it to be slightly shaky when you’re doing tricep or bicep dips (not so much when you’re doing pull-ups) but this is nothing to worry about as it is a safe product to use. One of the customers complained about the dip bar being too wide for beginners and they are worried about a potential injury but we don’t see a 60cm inner gap being much of a problem.

The latest 2017 Pull Up Mate is built more robust and stable with a taller and wider base. But we still wouldn’t recommend swinging on the unit. At under 42 lb. weight it is fairly lightweight for easier portability but again this says nothing much about the sturdy build of the product. Please just pay attention to the maximum weight limit, which is 110 kg (242.5 pounds). It is a very decent piece of equipment overall: Easy assembly, versatile, multi-functional, solid and sturdy, includes a storage bag and a shaker, great customer service, low price.

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