ONETWOFIT Multifunctional Wall Mounted Power Tower Set, Pull Up Bar, Chin Up Bar, Dip Station, OT126 Review

ONETWOFIT Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

ONETWOFIT Multifunctional Wall Mounted Power Tower Set, OT126 ONETWOFIT OT126 is a multi-functional wall mounted power tower set with a combination of a pull up bar, a chin up bar and a dip station for resistance training using your body weight in the comfort of your home. It is a sturdy and durable fitness equipment … Read more

Diophros Power Tower Multi-Function Pull-Up Bar, Dip Stand Review

Diophros Multi function Power Tower

Diophros Multi-Function Power Tower  Diophros Power Tower is a multi-functional strength training workout station that is made up of the pull-up, push-up and dip stations and with an impressive 660-pound user weight capacity. It is currently a number one new release strength training power tower / dip stand at This power tower has a … Read more

ONETWOFIT Multi-Function Power Tower Review

ONETWOFIT Multi-Function Power Tower

ONETWOFIT Multi-Function Power Tower OneTwoFit Multi-Function Power Tower is a heavy duty fitness unit that is adjustable for height and comes with a convenient sit-up bench, as well as the usual dip station, knee raise, multi-grip pull-up tower and push-up station that you find in other power towers but the sturdy and durable variety. This … Read more