Ziema Sports Folding Electric Treadmill A58 (W5058) Review

Ziema Sports Folding Electric Treadmill A58

ziema treadmill a58 folding electric

Ziema Sports A58 (W5058) is a good quality electric treadmill with a 1.5 horsepower motor, 0.6 to 6mph speed range and a compact and folding design. It is a brand new release treadmill that is one of the best selling fitness products on Amazon.com. So there aren’t many customer reviews online so far but still rates 5 / 5 stars on the day of this review.

There is a standard LCD console for you to monitor how you’re doing during your workout, showing you the stats like calories, distance, speed, time and your pulse rate connected to the hand sensors on both the left and right handles. Please simply put your thumbs on the sensors till you get a reading on the display panel.

The handles are a bit short so may be a little hard to reach in case of an accident but this unit has an integrated auto-stop function if you drift back very quickly or fall. And you can certainly attach the red cord to your t-shirt or shorts and the machine stops before you get hurt or injured. Or alternatively, you can press the “Start” button if you can get to it during the emergency.

There is a quick-service self-refueling button where you can add lubricant. This is a compact and foldable treadmill for home gym use rather than commercial gym use. It has a 180-degree folding design and transport wheels for easier storage and the running belt can be lifted up towards the console easily without much effort with the Soft-Drop mechanism.

zimea treamill w5058 lcd console

The running belt measures 40.95 x 14.04 inches, has a good quality texture with multiple layers of compression layer, an avoidance layer, shock layer, a sound insulation layer and a wear resistant surface. It can have a total weight of 220 pounds, and the maximum speed you can run at is 6 miles per hour. So this is good for walking, jogging and running but the running belt is not very large if you are a big size person.

Zimea A58 is a nice treadmill with a decent build quality for those that want to exercise whenever they want in any weather condition without leaving home. You have a total of 12 pre-set exercise programs at varying speed, resistance and time and you can also set everything manually. It is suitable for different kinds of people of different ages and fitness levels: Housewives, those with busy work schedules, students and the senior adults.

It is an imported but a US stock treadmill which means the shipping is fast via Amazon.com. Warranty is three years for the motor and two years for the frame, and you will benefit from friendly customer support. You can choose one of the orange, silver and white color options with silver being slightly more expensive than the other two. It is easy to assemble in just half an hour or so, has a nice and ergonomic design, works well- does the job, has some decent safety features and is reasonably priced. Good value for money.

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