Rep 1,000 lb. Rated Adjustable Bench, AB-3100 V2 Review

Rep AB-3100 V2, 1000 lb. Adjustable Bench

Rep Adjustable Bench, AB-3100 V2 – 1,000 lb Rated

Rep AB-3100 V2 is a hot new release, heavy duty and adjustable, flat and incline- FI weight bench with a 1000-pound weight limit. It has a rather sturdy heavy duty frame that is 14 to 4 gauge metal that is rated an impressive 1000-lb. weight limit.

It has the variable thickness of both the seat and the backrest. As a heavy duty product, Rep AB-3100 weighs 75 pounds and measures 50 x 11.75 x 17 inches. The total pad length is 50 inches, the top of the pad is 17 inches when in the flat position and 11.75 inch is the width of the pad at its thickest point.

You can adjust the backrest to six different positions and the seat to three positions which allows you to target slightly different muscle parts at different angles. This is not an FID bench with a decline angle but offers from flat up to 85-degree incline. Same goes for the seat as well and offers flat and two incline positions, not decline.

It is not very easy to lift the 75 lb. weight bench alone but you can relocate it easily by holding the handle under the seat on its transport wheels at the rear. We like the location of the handle down below close to the ground as it makes the lifting and moving the weight bench easier. The vinyl pads on the backrest and the seat are coated with matte black powder to increase its durability.

Rep Adjustable Bench, AB-3100 V2It will feel very safe and comfortable to use when you’re working out on this bench. It has a very high weight capacity with an additional tube support when in a flat position for when you’re lifting heavy weights. The vinyl cover on the thick padding is solid and anti-slip and you can just wipe it with a damp cloth when needed.

Rep AB-3100 Bench is usually shipped swiftly via You will need a socket wrench to put it together in probably less than half an hour with the easy to read and understand instructions. Two wrenches to tighten the bolts are included in the package but not the socket wrench. You can store it in a corner in the standing position but we can’t say if it will be totally stable with your kids around.

And for the sturdy construction (no wobbling), good quality padding for comfort and firm support with minimal pad gap, adjustability of seat and backrest, user-friendliness and functionality, it is offered with quite a reasonable price. It makes a good option for those that don’t want to spend too much money on a bench but still want something decent. It offers great value for money overall.

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