Soozier Pro Upright Indoor Cardio Bike with LCD Monitor Review

Soozier Pro Upright Indoor Cardio Bike via Amazon

Soozier Pro Upright Indoor Cardio Bike with LCD Monitor

White and red Soozier Pro is a vertical bike for indoor cardiovascular exercise with adjustable handlebars of 6 levels, 24.3 pound 16.9 inch diameter heavy-plating flywheel that enables smoother and quieter weight adjustment and rotation, an artificial leather seat with a 10 x 6.1 inch size that can be adjusted between zero to 2.4 inch height, a large LCD monitor that lets you monitor your progress by giving you feedback on burned calories, speed, time, distance and pulse rate so you can have your own personal routine each time with also the ability to change the resistance and speed levels for different workouts.

It is designed for convenient home workouts to help you burn fat, lose weight, increase the strength of your legs and although it is more of a lower body workout tool, you’ll feel the impact all over but it is a lower impact workout without too much stress on your joints. You’ll find a nice red water bottle and a User Manual to help you set it up in the box but the instructions are apparently not the best just like the other Soozier models on the market (luckily it is quite easy to set up). Soozier Pro weighs 66.1 pounds with measurements of 41.3 x 16.9 x 41.3 inches and can carry a maximum user weight of 220.5 pounds. It is a very solid and durable exercise bike with a great steel frame which also makes it look stylish and smooth flywheel and belt for a better ride with much less noise than regular exercise bikes- and as a belt driven unit it lets you pedal easily and smoothly with the comfy and robust aluminium pedals.

Soozier Pro Upright Indoor Cardio Bike

It is suitable for use by people of different ages with different body types but we’re not sure if it would be good for very tall people (just check the alternatives on this product’s page on Amazon through the links on here). It offers a smooth and quiet ride (so you can easily hear your TV or music), different resistance levels, adjustable seat and handlebars, feels sturdy overall with decent build quality and has a low price tag so we think that for the price to performance ratio this is a good buy- an inexpensive way to keep fit if you don’t want to keep paying for gym membership fees, if you’re not a hard core cyclist and you wish to do you your cardio exercise in the comfort of your home.

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