Stamina Wirk Ride Workstation Review

Stamina Wirk Ride Workstation via Amazon

Stamina Wirk Ride Workstation

Black and grey Stamina Wirk Ride is a great new cycling workstation that lets you exercise/cycle while you work, which is the next step up from having a higher desk where you can stand and do your work which is certainly healthier than sitting at a normal desk all day by the way (you have both on this Wirk Ride).

It even has a monitor that lets you watch your progress by showing you the calories, distance, total distance, time and speed (as well as scan function). In the box, you’ll find the Wirk Ride Workstation, Wirk coaster, User’s Manual and 12-month limited warranty by Stamina Inc.

Stamina Wirk Ride Workstation weighs just under 50 pounds and measures 37.25 x 27.5 x 45.5 inches when assembled, comes with a cup holder, a tablet holder and a generous workspace (17.25 x 10 inches) for your papers, book, laptop or whatever you may need for your work, including an adjustable tablet prop. The pedals on the bike are textured and anti-slip so your feet will stay in place when cycling and your mind is busy with work.

It is a belt driven unit with tension/resistance, is adjustable to make sure you have enough exercise challenge while working your legs and increasing your heart rate, has a height adjustable padded seat with backrest and molded foam hand grips. You may adjust it to sitting or standing desktop positions conveniently (be as comfy as possible when you work) and the height of desk when in standing position is a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 44.5 inches.

Stamina Wirk Ride Cycling Workstation

It is a solid and durable bike with a strong steel frame and you will need to assemble it when you first take out of the box but is not so hard to do. Stamina Products Inc. has almost three decades of history in fitness equipment industry and they offer great quality products for leisure and fitness markets globally.

Some of its well-known brand names include Tony Little, Suzanne Somers, and Body by Jake. You just need to simply push up on the release with your foot when you want to separate the desktop from the seat and get up. It is a great unit especially for those that work from home and don’t have a lot of time to go to gym or anyone that finds themselves sitting a lot at the desk and getting out of shape, now they can work and exercise (toning lower body and general cardio fitness) simultaneously and so they don’t have to dedicate separate times for both with such limited time in their hands. We think this is a durable, functional and unique product offered at a reasonable price.

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