Ultega Power Stepper US330300000011 Review

Ultrasport Ultega Power Stepper via Amazon

Ultega Power Stepper

Ultega (US330300000011) is a German designed and engineered power stepper for your lower body, legs, back and abs with a small battery powered training computer / digital panel that shows calories burned, time exercised and steps per minute  (three useful keys and a digital display) as it includes pulse sensors on the large handles with integrated receivers. It is a foldable unit enabling easy storage, is solid and stable with the durable steel frame with handles, silent hydraulic shocks and feels stable even on a thicker carpet.

Ultega Power Stepper measures 31.5 x 24.5 x 55 inches so it is not very big- kind of smaller footprint as it is more of an upright unit, uses little space with very nicely designed folding mechanism. The larger than normal handles are good for you to have the ideal posture, it can carry a maximum user weight of 265 pounds and the feet edges are anti-slip so you will not slip off when you’re working out, has transport rollers included as well as the floor level adjustment so you can fold it and put it away in a corner. You can work on almost all your body parts including your back muscles except for arms, chest, shoulders- upper body in your home without having to pay for membership fees and join a gym.  It is engineered in Germany and this definitely shows in quality.

Ultega Power Stepper Step Machine

It has a heart rate monitor receiver that can be used with the majority of models out there but it is not included in delivery. Two hydraulic cylinders control the resistance on 12 steps and this is more of a lower impact exercise machine that will not be a burden on your joints. The heavy duty Ultega Power Stepper is quite easy to set up and works smoothly and efficiently once installed. You can choose the workout you want as the intensity can be adjusted and it will especially work your butts really good. Considering the price point, this will have to be one of the best on the market, and remember this is German- scored 4.8/5 stars on Amazon on the day of this review although it is a new product and there aren’t many ratings out yet. We do think that this is a great product for those that want to get in shape and is suitable for both beginners and advanced user.

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