Sporzon RS60 Multifunctional Olympic Workout Station Bench Review

Sporzon RS60 Multifunctional Olympic Workout Station Bench

Sporzon Multifunctional Workout Station

Sporzon RS60 is an adjustable multifunctional workout station with a preacher curl, a leg extension, a squat rack and weight storage. It is currently one of the hot new release, best seller bench stations at Amazon.com.

You can use the rack and the bench separately or together or you can move the bench and do your squats comfortably. The squat rack can be adjusted to different heights between 50 and 65 inches and the Olympic bench to the decline, flat and incline chest press positions. It has a very good quality heavy duty steel frame that can have a max total weight of 800 pounds, 400 lb. of which is for the user. The spotting arms are conveniently adjustable and will help you avoid any potential injuries.

With the arm handle and the preacher curl pad included you can do your arm exercises properly in the correct form. With the leg developer you can target different parts of your legs, including the quads, hams and flutes. The two-piece station measures 73L x 46W x (50-65)H inches or weighs 90 pounds. The bench is 52 pounds and the rack is 38 pounds. So it is fairly lightweight but very robust and durable. This multi-functional all-in-one workout station can help you strengthen, tone and maintain your muscles and increase your metabolism, burn calories and fat faster.

You can put your one-inch diameter weight plates on both the curl bar and the storage bar. As mentioned earlier this is an Olympic bench, not a standard bench. Because of the Covid-19 crisis some people had problems with the delivery of this item, which resulted in a lower average customer rating at Amazon.com. Otherwise the product is very good Sporzon Multifunctional Olympic Workout Stationquality overall with a robust and durable construction. It is quite easy to assemble in a short period of time and offers different options for working on different parts of your body. And the total weight capacity of 800 pounds is an indication of its sturdy construction.

Please note that you’ll get it shipped to your address in two boxes. In the boxes, you’ll get a weight bench with half rack as well as the tools and instructions for easy and quick assembly. With its two-piece design you can move it around easily in your home gym area or to the other parts of your house. You may want to check the reviews for the different buyers of this product and ask the Amazon customer service team to reduce your risk of late delivery. This is pretty much the case with a lot of products these days, during the epidemic. If you encounter any issues, the responsive Amazon customer support is always there to help you as much as they can (at least in our experiences). And we are more than happy to recommend this great value workout station.

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