Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine with Full Motion Arms SF-RW1410 Review

Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine via Amazon

Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine SF-RW1410

Sunny Health & Fitness Rower SF-RW1410 is a great cardiovascular workout machine that gives you a very decent diversified upper body workout targeting all the main muscles including arms and legs with full motion arms as you see on the photos for full range movement and total of 12 adjustable tension options. It is a hydraulic resistance type device, has anti-slip handles and an LCD display panel in the middle that shows calories burned, count, time and total counts to help you track your progress.

Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine looks rather stylish and modern- different than other standard rowing machines, weighs 34 pounds with dimensions of 21.25 x 29 x 59 inches when set up (seat height is 25 inch)- should accommodate any height person just fine and has that premium, robust, well built and sturdy feel and not flimsy at all, has a heavy duty sturdy and sleek frame and can carry weight up to 220 pounds, it is foldable and is easy to store in the corner of your room etc. (22 x 29 x 54 inches when folded and light enough to be carried around). It feels just like rowing a real rowboat and 12 resistance levels are real- you will feel the difference when you move up and down. It is an easy to assemble and use rowing machine and comes with a user manual that includes easy instructions and tools for simple installation.

Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine with Full Motion Arms

Just keep in mind that it will work mainly your upper body as well as your abs, legs, glutes and not your buttocks but rowing still happens to be one of the best overall workouts you can get and the resistance levels are not marked clearly but at least they do feel different when you adjust it- turn it up and down. It is quite comfy with its fully padded 14 x 13 inch seat and non-slip pedals and adjustable foot straps too, very good value for money overall with great efficiency, stability and performance, works quietly so you can watch TV or listen to music while rowing (TV will also be a great distraction so you won`t get bored when you`re on the rowing machine) and it is guaranteed to give you a nice sweaty workout each time. It comes properly packaged and shipped and the warranty included is pretty good- limited 1 year frame and 90 days parts. Sunny Health & Fitness offers great customer support as one of the major fitness equipment companies. There are customers online that used this product every day for several months and haven`t encountered any problems so far.

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